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Hectia A, Armstrong onal, Ltd. mics Intecnati of Princeton. teanai formac Chairman Armstrong Economics ” The Irrational Free Markets _ That are Never ‘Wrong? Copyright Martin 4. Araa: breng & any Reshts Reserv: ele Sune 30th, 2009 Comments Welcome: Arm: co@CMei?.COM (Internationally) Oaments & Suggastions to: Wartin A. armstrong FCI Fort Dix Camp #12518-050 PO Bax 2000 Fort Dix, NJ 08640 PLEASE REGISTER YOUR ENATL ADDRESS FOR ANY UPDATE NEWS ArmetcongReonomics@GMail .COM Copright Martin A. Armstrong, ali rights roaerved This Report may be forwarded as you like without charge. It is provided as a Public Service et this time without cost. The contents end designs of systems are in fact copyrighted. dt a Future dete, a book’ till be released The Geometry of Time. The charts are often reproductions of an earlier publication from 1986 also to be soon ‘eepublishéd ‘The "Greatese=Bul2 “Market “In ‘Wiatory -cover ing “from 1900 -up-to'the 1980s 2 Additional updating is anderway to complete the Century and into the current time, providing a month to moath history of the financial development of Western Society. by: Martin A, Amnstrong Copyright all rights reserved Fomoer Chairman of Princeton Boonumics International, 1ta, & Foundation for the Study of Cycles that a kelief in “Pree Markets" means the private sector should be left alone and that the markets will make their own corrections, while the opponents do T here is a raging war of words where there is a clash based upon the assumption aot want to hear this for it implies that there shovld be less government power. That ie the key word "power" not whether the proposition is correct or not. Yet let us nake no false assumption. Those vho advocate the "rae Markets" are by no means advocating that they relinguish political power for thenselvas, Both sides #ail_to understand that they are irrelevant, for no matter what they say, they too are part of the system and are subject to the game ratural forces of the free markets, just as Commnism failed, so will any attempt to alter nature. Mt the core of the problem Lies a serious fundamental flaw - the wrong assumption that man even has the power to manipulate society in any way, shape, ox forny that is neaninoful and fasting. The religious right outlawed alcohol to be able to imprison the Trish and Ttal- jen innigrants who were Catholic, still fighting the war of OLiver Crowell and the Puritans. They created prohibition, and the Italian Mafia costing countless lives in this new crime war. How many died making gambling illegal, and then when tne state realizes it can profit from this vice, suddenly it become legal. ‘he same takes place vith drugs and make ro mistake about it, there are people in jail for life for selling marijuana, Leck at the war raging in Mexico, This is the same as the