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My Chunky Cable Simple Scarf Pattern

In an effort to make some quick gifts, I made this scarf up very quickly.

I used one skein of Wool-Ease Thuck & quick Super Bulky Wt.

I was going for a easy scarf, one that would be good if you have never knitted any cables, and would be unisex.

Easy Chunky Cable Scarf Pattern One Skein of Super Bulky Wt. Wool 6oz/170 gms or 108 yds/98 meters SZ US 17 needles or 12.75mm Cast on 14 sts row 1 Knit 4 Purl 6 Knit 4 2 K 4, CF6 (k), K4 3 K 4, P 6, K 4 4K 5 K 4, P 6, K 4 6K 7 K 4, P 6, K 4 8 K* repeat CF6 (k)=Slip 3 sts to the cable needle and hold to the front, K 3, Now knit 3 from cable needle. This scarf measures approx 7" wide by 50" long. Now get busy with your Happy Knitting!!

Copyright This is pattern is free for personal, non-commercial use. Further use requires permission from the designer (me). You may not sell or distribute the pattern in any form. You may not sell the any item or items made from this pattern

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