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GATE- IN 2001

GATE- IN 2001

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Section A

This question consists of TWENTY FIVE sub-questions (1.1-1.25) of ONE mark each. For each of these sub-questions, four possible answer (A, B, C and D) are given, out of which only one is correct. Answer each sub-question by darkening the appropriate bubble on the OBJECTIVE RESPONSE SHEET (ORS) using a soft HB pencil. Do not use the ORS for any rough work. You may like to use the Answer Book for any rough work, if needed. Threshold of a measurement system is


(A) the smallest change in input which can be detected (B) a measure of linearity of the system (C) the smallest input which can be detected (D) a measure of precision of the system International temperature acale in the range 0 − 630c C is defined by meass of a


(A) mercury pressure spring thermometer (B) platinum-platinum, 10% rhodium thermocouple (C) platinum resistance thermometer (D) total radiation pyrometer. A sound intensity level of 60 dB corresponds to (B) 10 - 10 W/cm 2 (D) 10 - 10 W/cm 2


(A) 10 - 6 W/cm 2 (C) 10 - 16 W/cm 2


Linear variable differential transformer has

(A) two primary coils connected in phase and a secondary coil (B) tow primary coils connected in opposition and a secondary coil (C) one primary coil and two secondary coils connected in phase (D) one primary coil and two secondary coils connected in opposition

Value of pH of a solution is 4. It indicates that concentration of hydrogen ions is

(A) 10 - 4 g/litre and the solution is acidic IN 1/18

1.4 g/litrc and the solution is alkaline (C) 10 4 mg/litre and the solution is acidic (D) 10 .1.99 (B) 1.83 Q.0016 mm (C) 0.88 mm Q.2001 www.1. The thimble has 50 divisions marked on it.13 (D) 2. If the glass is immersed in water.1.8 In a differential micrometer. The movement of the spindle per divisions is (A) 0.1.48 mm and the smaller screw has pitch of 0. For flow measurement.08 mm (B) 0.33.11 IN 2/18 .732.40 mm.89 (C) 1.10 Light is incident on a glass plane of refractive index 1.9 The refractive indices of glass and water are 1. its relative refractive index is (A) 0.7 (A) orifice meter (C) turbine type meter Q.4 mg/litre and the solution is alkaline.6 (A) horizontally with flow inlet in a specific direction (B) horizontally with flow inlet in any direction (C) vertically with flow inlet at the bottom and the outlet at the top (D) vertically with flow inlet at the top and outlet at the bottom An example of a positive displacement flow meter is (B) rotary vane type meter (D) ultrasonic flow meter Q. respectively.0176 mm (D) 0.gatehelp.1.50 and 1. the main screw has pitch of 0. It is plane polarized on reflection when the incidence angle is (A) 30c (C) 60c (B) 45c (D) 75c A gas chromatograph is used for Q.com IN (B) 10 . a rotameter can be installed in a pipe line Q.

1. Q.1.14 (A) unit step sequence (B) e jωo n (C) a periodic sequence (D) unit ramp sequence The final value of a function y (t) whose Laplace transform Y (s) = (B) 2 (D) 0 4 is s2 + 2s + 2 Q.13 The necessary condition to diagonalisse a matrix is that (A) its Eigen values should be distinct (B) its Eigen vectors should be independent (C) its Eigen value should be real (D) the matrix is non-singular Which one of the following sequences is NOT a power signal.gatehelp.16 A second order feedback system is found to be oscillating with a high frequency.com IN (B) measuring the temperature of a gas (C) measuring the pressure of a gas (D) analysing the composition of a gas A vector normal to i + 2j − k is (B) − i − 2j + k (D) 2i + j − 2k Q.15 (A) 4 (C) 1 Q.1. The oscillations (A) can be reduced by increasing the proportional action (B) can be reduced by increasing the integral action (C) can be reduced by increasing the derivative action IN 3/18 .2001 (A) measuring flow rate of a gas www.1.1.12 (A) i − j − k (C) − i + 2j + k Q.

(B) y12 =− 1 S 2 (D) y22 = 1S (A) y11 = 1S (C) y21 =− 2S Q. as it helps reducing Q.. current through the 5 Ω resistor is (A) A (C) 3 A (B) 2 A (D) 7 A Q. (B) an .com IN Q.19 Two identical 2-port networks with y −parameters y11 =− y12 =− y21 = y22 I.18 In the circuit shown in fig.1.1.17 The discrete LTI system with the following impulse response is non-causal.2 u (n) (D) an u (n + 2) (A) an u (n − 2) (C) an + 2 u (n) Q.gatehelp.21 (A) the effect of external interference IN 4/18 . are connected in cascade.S.1.2001 (D) cannot be reduced www.1.1.20 A sample-and hold circuit has two buffers. The overall y − ammeters will satisfy the condition. one at the input and the other. The primary requirements for the buffers are (A) the input buffer should have high slew rate and the output buffer should have low bias current (B) the input buffer should have low bias current and the output buffer should have high slew rate (C) both the buffers should have low bias currents (D) both the buffers should have high slew rate A twisted pair of wires is used for connecting the signal source with the instrumentation amplifier.

You may like to use the Answer Book for any rought work. CY flag may be set by the instruction (B) INX (D) ANA (A) SUB (C) CMA Q.2.25) of TWO marks each.1.1 .24 In 8085 microprocessor.25 Microprocessor 8085 regains control of the but (A) immediately after HOLD goes low (B) immediately after HOLD goes high (C) after half-clock cycle after HLDA goes low (D) after half-clock cycle after HLDA goes high This question consists of TWENTY FIVE sub-questions (2. Answer each sub-question by darkening the appropriate bubble on the OBJECTIVE RESPONSE SHEET (ORS) using a soft HB pencil.1.1. Q.23 (A) flag register (C) data counter Q. out of which only one is correct.1. four possible answers (a).gatehelp. The nominal resistance of straub gayge us 100 Ω .2 mm.com IN (B) the crror due to bias currents in the amplifier (C) the loading of the source by the amplifier (D) the common mode voltage In a microprocessor with 16 address and 12 data lines. The changes in resistance and elongation in the bar measured are 0. if needed. Do not use the ORS for any rough work.35 Ω and 0. For each of these sub-questions.2001 www.2. (c) and (d) are given. the maximum number of opcodes is Q.1 In strain gauge is attached to a bar of length 20 cm which is subjected to a tensile force. The gauge factor of 5/18 IN .2 Q.22 (A) 26 (C) 212 (B) 28 (D) 216 An m −bit microprocessor has an m −bit (B) instruction register (D) program counter Q. (b). respectively.

gatehelp. the fringes observed are a a set of (A) concentric rings (C) hyperbolic fringes Identify the correct matches: (B) elliptical rings (D) straight and parallel fringes Q.2. If the optical flat is as good as the reference.2. identify the correct matches: (p) optical pyrometer (q) Knudsen gauge (r) sling psychrometer (s) hot wire anemometer (B) a-q. d-q Q. d-p (a) mean free path (b) humidity (c) heat transfer co-efficient (d) intensity of radiation (A) a-p.6 m Q. d-s (C) a-r. b-p.3 m (B) 34.1 m (C) 26.3 A seismic vibration sensor.5 An optical flat is tested against a standard reference flat in a Newton’s interferences. should have (A) ωn << ω and ζ (B) ωn = ω and ζ slightly less than 1 (C) ωn >> ω and ζ slightly less than 1 (D) ωn << ω and ζ slightly less than 1 Q.com IN (B) 3. c-s.5 (D) 100 Q. 2. c-p. used for measuring amplitude of vibration with frequency ω .2. c-r.2 In the context of transducers. d-r (D) a-q. the radius of curvature of the tube of the spirit level is (A) 52.4 m (D) 15. b-s.2.4 In a spirit level. b-r.2. c-s.5 mm of movement of the bubble corresponds to a tilt angle of 25 seconds.2001 the strain gauge is (A) 2 (C) 10 www.6 IN 6/18 . having natural frequency ωn and damping ratio ζ . b-q.

b-r.2. d-r (D) a-q. c-s.7 The typical maximum output powers associated with the lasers are given below. d-q sin 2`x − π j 4 equals Q. d-s (C) a-r. c-q. c-r. the output will have a phase shift of (B) − π/4 (D) π/2 (A) − π/2 (C) π/4 IN 7/18 .com (p) electricity activity of the heart (q) respiratory volume measurement (r) measurement of change in volume of a body part (s) blood pressure measurement (B) a-q. c-p. b-s. d-p (D) a-q. c-r. c-s. c-s. b-p. b-s.2001 (a) spirometer (b) sphygmomanometer (c) plathysmograph (d) electrocardiograph (A) a-p. d-p (a) He-Ne laser (b) Argon ion laser (c) Carbon dioxide laser (d) Diode laser (A) a-p. b-r.5 sin ωc t.2.9 v (t) = 5 − 2 sin (100πt) − cos (200πt) the output of a full-wave rectifier average is (A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 8 Q.2. d-p IN Q. For a signal 0. b-s.10 The 3-dB cut-off frequency of a first order analog high pass filter is ωc . d-r www. b-p. Identify the correct matches (p) 10 mW (q) 100 mW (r) 10 W (s) 500 W (B) a-q.8 lim π π x" x− 4 4 (A) 0 (C) 1 For an input (b) 1/2 (D) 2 Q. b-q.2. d-q (C) a-s.gatehelp. c-r.

2. 2.5 sin ωm t. the carrier and the output signals are xc (t) − cos ωc t and y (t) = cos (ωc t + sin 2t − cos t) .5 sin ωm t) cos ωc t Q.15 The impulse response of a discrete LTI system is u (n). The output of the system is proportional to (A) sin (ωc + ωm) t − sin (ωc − ωm) t (C) (1 + 0.11 www.12 In a frequency modulated system. The Ziegler-Nichols setting for the proportional controller is (A) 8 (C) 1.2001 Q. The system (A) is unstable in the sense of bounded input bounded output (B) produces bounded ouputs for all bounded inputs (C) produces bounded outputs for all bounded inputs (D) stability properties cannot be commented upon A discrete time transfer function has a pole-zero plot shown in Fig.gatehelp.14 A process in a feedback loop with a proportional controller with ultimate gain Ku = 10 is oscillating at a frequency of Pu = 8 Hz.sτ 1 + sτ Q.2.sτ (D) 1 − sτ e . respectively. The modulating input xm (t) is proportional to (A) 2 cos 2t + sin t (C) cos 2t + sin t Q. Its magnitude response is frequency independent.16 It is a Q.25 (B) 5 (D) 10 Q.5 sin ωm t) cos ωc t (B) sin (ωc + ωm) t + cos (ωc − ωm) t (D) (1 − 0.2. The system transfer function is (A) 1 − sτ 1 + sτ 2 2 (C) 1 − s2 τ2 1+s τ (B) e .16 IN 8/18 .2. respectively.com IN For a suppressed carrier amplitude modulator (AM-SC) system.13 (B) sin 2t − cos t (D) 2 cos 2t − sin t An analog LTI system has a negative phse shift which varies linearly with frequency.2. the carrier and the modulating inputs are xc (t) = cos ωc t and xm (t) = 0.2.

2.gatehelp.18.2. Its response is given by (B) (D) (A) (C) /a j j=0 /a j j=0 3 1 1−a /a j j =. identify the INCORRECT statement (A) Standard low resistances have four terminal construction (B) In Kelvin bridge for measuring low resistance.com IN (A) low pass filter (B) high pass filter (C) band pass filter (D) notch filter Q.17 n The impulse response of a discrete LTI system is an u (n). input offset voltage of the operational amplifier is 2 mV.2001 www. precision depends on detector sensitivity IN 9/18 .2.3 3 In Fig.2. The output dc-error voltage is Q.19 In the context of low resistances.18 (A) 0 (C) 11 mV (B) 2 mV (D) 22 mV Q.

com IN (C) A pair of ratio arms in Kelivin bridge for measuring the low resistance eliminates the error due to thermo emf (D) Low resistances used for ammeter shunts are usually made with a suitable number of plates of large area and all the plates connected in parallel.23. when inputs a = b = 0 .2. b-r and s (C) a-p and s.2001 www.2. b-p and s Q. (p) to provide controlling torque (q) to provide damping torque (r) to act as a base for the coil (s) to provide current into and out of the moving coil (B) a-r and s. identify the correct matches.22 (A) c = 0.22. an unknown signal voltage is integrated over 100 cycles of the clock.23 (B) c = 1. 2. d = 1 or c = 1. d = 1 or c = 0. If the signal has a 50 Hz pick up. In the context of a PMMC instrument.2. the possible logic states of c and d are Q.21 In a dual-slope type digital voltmeter. the maximum clock frequency can be (A) 50 Hz (C) 10 Hz (B) 5 kHz (D) 50 Hz In the circuit shown in Fig. d = 0 (D) c = 0. b-p and q (D) b-q and r.2. d = 0 (C) c = 1. d = 0 Q. 2.20 (a) a pair of springs (b) aluminium former (A) a-p and q.gatehelp. b-q and r Q. d = 1 In the logic circuit shown in Fig. the output x is IN 10/18 .

P2 < 20 In Fig. P2 < 20 Q. identify the circuit which is appropriate for as a power-on reset for a microprocessor. Two signals v1 (t) = 10 sin (2π # 20 # 103 t) and v2 (t) = 10 sin (2π # 20 # 106 t) are applied to the two channels. P2 = 20 (B) P1 < 20. then (A) P1 = 20.2001 www. IN 11/18 .2.24 (B) A + B + C (D) AB + BC + CA A double beam CRO has a band-width of 10 MHz.gatehelp. P2 > 20 (C) P1 = 20. 2.25.com IN (A) AB + BC + CA (C) AB + BC + CA Q. If P1 and P2 are the peak-to-peak values of the signals displayed.25 (D) P1 > 20.2.

5 ! 0. thickness = 4 mm.com IN Section B This section consists of Twenty questions of Five marks each.12 C/N. pressure is instantaneously changed in a stepwise manner from 5 bar to 30 bar.5 Q. μ .2001 www.6 IN . Any Fifteen out of these questions have to be answered on the Answer Book provided. is given by πr 4 (p1 − p2) μ= 8QL where r (radius of capillary tube) p1 (pressure at the inlet) p2 (pressure at the exit) L (length of the capillary tube) Q (volume flow rate) = 0.3 A random variable x has a probability density function p (x) = ae .lx .7 m 3 /s Q. Q. 15] Viscosity. Assume that the transducer is a first order instrument. change sensitivity = 2 # 10 .4 (A) Calculate the viscosity and specify the unit (B) Calculate absolute error (C) Calculate root sum square error During measurement of pressure by an elastic transducer. (A) Determine the time constant of the transducer (B) How much time will the transducer take to indicate the pressure within 5% of the final value ? (C) On what factors does the time constant of the elastic transducer depend? A piezoelectric transducer having diameter = 8 mm.11 F/m and modulus of elasticity = 8. dielectric constant = 4 # 10 .10t (A) Sketch p (x) (B) Find the value of a (C) Find the probability of 9 being in the range [5. For an input dis12/18 Q. The transducer indicates a value of 20 bar after 30 sec.6 # 1010 N/m 2 is used for the measurement of small displacement.01 mm = 200 ! 3 kPa = 150 ! 2 kPa = 3m = 4 # 10 .gatehelp.

11 is determined using a standard steel ball of diameter d and a vernier height gauge.47 mV. what is the maximum limit of resolution for ths microscope.9 (A) Calculate the limiting angle of resolution (B) Using visible linght. the mass absorption coefficients for adminum and lead are 3. Q.48 cm 2 /g and 72 cm 2 /g respectively. Q.8 A certain pressure transducer measures the stagnation pressure (the total pressure). Q.3 g/cm 3 .com IN (A) The force to which it is subjected. The aperture of the objective is 0. Q. Q.10 (A) By how much is the beam attenuated in an aluminium screen 2. For a narrow beam of X-ray radiation of wavelength 62 pm.2001 placement of 10 .7 EMF .11 IN 13/18 . (B) If the total pressure measured by the transducer is 10000 N/m 2 .temperature relationship for copper-constantan thermocouple with reference junction at 0c is as follows. (B) the capacitance of the transducer. EMF generated measured by a voltage measuring device having an internal resistance of 1000 Ω is 1.03 g/cm 3 and the velocity of flow is 100 cm/s. find the static pressure in mm of Hg. The densities of aluminium and lead are 2. Determine the temperature difference between the two points after applying correction for loading effect in the measurement of the EMF.9 cm. (C) the charge generated (D) the voltage developed A thermopile having a resistance of 100 Ω and consisting of 20 copper-constantan thermocouples is used to measure temperature difference between two points. The density of the fluid is 1. The temperature of the first point measured separately is 25cC.gatehelp.7 g/cm 3 and 11. Light of wavelength 546 nm is used to view an object under the microscope. respectively. (A) Calculate the dynamic pressure (pressure due to the velocity of flow) in N/m 2 .6 cm thick? (B) How thick must a lead screen be to attencuate the beam just as much ? The width of a V-groove shown in Fig. determine www.9 m.

Initial14/18 IN . h = 45 mm and a = 60c. 12. determine the range of the gain K of the proportional controller over which the closed loop system will be stable. C1 = C2 = 2 F and L = 1 H. derive an expression for the width w of the V-groove. calculate w . 14.13 y (n) − 1 y (n − 1) = x (n) 2 y (n) = 0 (A) Evaluate the outputs for the inputs (i) x (n) = 0 for all n (ii) x (n) = = 1. H = 50 mm. (B) Given: d = 30 mm. Q.12 closed contour C shown in Fig.2001 www. Note the indention of this this contour at the origin is to the left.14 In the circuit shown in Fig. (A) Draw the Nyquist plot for the system G (s) = s + 1 by plotting G along the s (s − 1) Q.com IN (A) If the angle of the groove is A . n $ − 2 0. The relation between the input x (n) and the output y (n) of a system is given by Q. n < − 2G (B) Is this system causal ? Justify your answer. (B) What is the encirclement criterion for stability of this system with the type of contour chosen? (C) Using this criterion.gatehelp.

If the switch is closed at t = 0 .com IN ly C1 and C2 are changed to voltages 20 and 0 volts. (C) the range of RL IN 15/18 . 16. (A) Draw the actual amplifier circuit using a pnp transistor. Zener diode has Vz = 4 V. 15. respectively.15 A small-signal approximate equivalent circuit of an amplifier is shown in Fig. transistors Q1 and Q2 have β = 100 . Q.2001 www.7 V. (B) Find input resistance Ri and gain V0 /Vb (C) From the result obtained in (b). VEBI = VEB2 = 0. determine vC1 (t) and vC2 (t). find Q. suggest a possible application for the amplifier. Iz = 5 mA. where ke = RL = 3kΩ. Use the Laplace transform approach. In the circuit shown in Fig. Given IL = 2 mA.gatehelp.16 (A) R1 (B) R . hfe = 100 .

18 (A) Find V0 in terms of V1 and V2 . Q. (C) the impulse response. Q. C = 0. (B) Express V0 in terms of the common mode voltage Vc and the difference mode voltage Vd of the two input voltages. (B) If vi = 2 sin (1000t). V1 and V2 are the input signals. find v0 (t) (C) If a similar circuit is connected in cascade. C = 0.com In the circuit shown in Fig.17 www.1 μF .gatehelp. if vi = 1 V dc . 19.2001 Q. IN 16/18 . 17. (B) the transfer function V0 (s)/ Vi (s). R3 = 100 kΩ . Find (A) the output voltage. (C) Find CMRR (Common mode rejection ratio) at the output V0 Q. assume R = 10kΩ . 20 acts as a 4-bits digital-to-analog converter. find Q of the composite circuit.19 In the circuits shown in Fig.1 μ F. 18. R1 = R2 = 220 kΩ .20 Determine the value of r such that the circuit shown in Fig. IN (A) Find the transfer function V0 (s) iVi (s). In the circuit shown in Fig.

One of the plates is fixed while the outer is free to move. 22(b) where T-FF. 21.00 Hz Q.gatehelp. Q. dx/dt . 22(a). of the moving plate.00 for f = 50. Derive an expression for output v0 in terms of the velocity.21 A block diagram for measuring the power frequency based on the period measurement is shown in Fig. with air as the dielectric separating the two plates by a distance x . C is a capacitor formed by two parallel plates each of area A .com IN In the circuit shown in Fig. The clock frequency fc is adjusted such that the display is 50.2001 www. The detailed circuit diagram for the block Y is shown in Fig.22 # IN 17/18 . SR-FF and monostables M1 and M2 operate on the negative going edges and Vstart is a narrow pulse.

gatehelp.E and F. (B) Determine fc (C) What would be the reading displayed when f = 49.com IN (A) Draw the waveforms appearing at A.B.00 Hz? ********** IN 18/18 .D.C.2001 www.

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