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SunTrust Bank Co-Conspirator

SunTrust Bank Co-Conspirator

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Published by James Thomas
Court records showing when SunTrust Bank join in the conspiracy to fix case 11-CV-154.
Court records showing when SunTrust Bank join in the conspiracy to fix case 11-CV-154.

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Published by: James Thomas on Oct 03, 2013
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*These court documents reveals Judge Jordan was blindsided when Sun Trust Bank request to have the

case bifurcated and remain pending in the trial court. These documents suggest when Sun Trust Bank became a part of the conspiracy, with Judge Jordan who assign the case to himself to rule in KIA Auto Sport's favor.

_____________________KAS *The index of minutes does not show any entry as to why the case ___________________ __STB_________________ was placed on Judge Jordan's docket. The important dates here are 01/03/2012, the last defendant that service was perfected and 03/16/2012, KIA Auto Sports requests for a hearing before Judge Jordan on 03/23/2012. *__________ _________ ___________________ In the state of Georgia, the law requires that the assigned judge signs a transfer order giving their consent to pass a case and does __________ ______* SunTrust not deprived litigants of due process. In others words, a judge can not judge shop. __________ * _____________________ * ___________ __________* SunTrust *

*The request Sun Trust Bank was seeking speaks for itself. Julie Wood, an honest attorney wanted no part of this corruption but failed to reported to federal agents outside of Georgia of such corruption.



_________________ *Once again, how could there be a motion hearing, when there was no motion filed by the Defendant, before or on 03/07/2012, which placed it on Judge Jordan's calendar?


________________________________ Sun Trust Bank did not put in an appearance for the fix hearing.


*Words can not express the shock and awe on Judge Jordan's face. As a matter of fact, he reread the notice, twice and then cut his eyes straight to KIA Auto Sport ___ Attorney, E. Carson Lange.

Even though the transcript is void of Judge Jordan's first ____________________________________ statement to Ms. Lange was : " Did you know about this? " _____________________________________________ Well, I have to agree with Ms. Lange, that was my understanding too, but of course when you are dealing with a corrupt court, notices and laws , just isn't green enough in a corrupt judicial circuit in Georgia.

__________________________________ __________________________

___________________________________ * _____________ ______________ __________________________

* ____

*Judge Jordan know he needs time to renegotiate this conspiracy, and without Sun Trust bank on board the conspiracy would be exposed by Judge Smith. Since, Judge Smith the new appointed judge up for election , there was too many variables for Judge Jordan to have an unknown judge review his corrupt decisions.

_____________________________________ *Judge Jordan's statement here will reveals further ex parte communication with Ms. Lange. The key words here are " other than".

FACTS IN THE RECORD SHOWS SEE DOCUMENTS FROM CORRUPT JUDGES COLUMBUS GEORGIA POSTED ON THIS SITE: 1. Judge Jordan placed the case on his docket, 9 days before any motion or notice file requesting it. 2. KIA Auto Sport requested a hearing before Judge Jordan, 9 days, after Judge Jordan placed the case on his docket. 3. Julie Wood did not want any part of the conspiracy,and requested that the case be bifurcated, and did not show up at the hearing to represent Sun Trust Bank. 4. Judge Jordan was blindsided by Sun Trust Bank's request for bifurcation, knowing such a request would exposed his criminal conspiracy to fix the case. 5. Judge Jordan denied Ms. Lange's request to stay discovery, but he stay any further discovery *other than* what's been, what will be submitted, and that will be submitted. 6. There was no other communications between the parties and Judge Jordan considering the verbal discovery after the hearing, nor did Ms. Lange announce that she was representing Sun Trust Bank.

The following documents suggest, Judge Jordan immediately after the hearing, threaten Ms. Lange, if they didn't get Sun Trust Bank to join in the criminal conspiracy, he would withdraw from the conspiracy. Ms. Lange immediately contacted Monica Gilroy for Sun Trust Bank and informed her what Judge Jordan stated. He probably also informed Ms. Lange, because of the evidence, the Thomases' would get everything they were asking for. Monica Gilroy immediately agreed to the criminal conspiracy, sometime before March 26, 2012. Ms. Lange immediately informed, Judge Jordan who then told her to write up an order staying all discovery and he would sign it.

Ms. Lange stated that she mailed an order on March 26,2012 this was 3 days after the March 23,2012 hearing, in which Judge Jordan allowed discovery that was already submitted or will be submitted. But the order Ms. Lange submitted denied all discovery, which contradict Judge Jordan's verbal order. This letter suggest Suntrust Bank agreed to join the crimmal conspiracy, which allowed Judge Jordan to take control of the case.


This Order furthers exposes the ex parte communications between Judge Jordan and KIA Auto Sport.


Once again this order state all discovery, when actually Judge Jordan denied Ms. Lange's request to stay discovery; but he stay any further discovery *other than* what's been, what will be submitted, and that will be submitted. The only way Ms. Lange could change this order is threw Ex parte communications.

This document was the last document, received from Julie Wood, who tried to abide by the law in her professional conduct.



I guess Gilroy, didn't give the memo to Julie Wood informing her that they were full fledge members of the criminal conspiracy.

Gilroy giving notice that she is a full fledge member of the conspiracy and will enjoy all benefits of said conspiracy. This document also show Ms. Wood have been removed from the case.

*_________* *_____________*


** Also remember the discovery order was requested by KIA and only for KIA.

Sun Trust Bank's Settlement Offer... This is NO JOKE!!! You can make an offer like this when you are a member of a criminal conspiracy to fix the case.

*_________* *______________*

This document shows Ms. Gilroy, using her criminal conspiracy membership card, informing Judge Smith of his place in this case, you don't want to go against, Judge Jordan.

*????????????* *_______________*


_________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ________________ Is Ms. ________________ Is Ms. Gilroy asking, Judge Smith to be her lead counsel? Gilroy asking, Judge Smith to be her lead counsel?

This is Judge Smith's docket, with case 11-CV-154 in Position 18



Here the clerk learnt from her mistake and concealed the printed date.

*?????????????* *_______________*



__________________________ _____________________________________________ ________________________________ Here Judge Smith push back and placed case 11-CV-154, back on his docket ______________________________________ _______________________________ ___________________

Here, Monica Gilroy pushed back and Judge Smith folds or did Judge Jordan put a stack in his ear? ___________________________________________________ __________________________________

** ** **


** This document shows Ms. Lange, pushing even harder, reminding Judge Smith that she CALLED.


________________________________________________________________________ ____________

______________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________



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