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budget & contact info

contact us:
The Shannons
1153 Letort Road
Conestoga, PA 17516

phone: 717.842.4454
facebook: jerry shannon or christy shannon
facebook cause: mission to ethiopia - the shannon family
Up Front Costs:
proposed budget: Airfare $5,000
Amount needed monthly: Visas $500
Insurance $200
6 months of rent paid upfront $4,200
Medical Expenses $100
Furnishings* $1,500
Family Time Away $50
Return Fund (will have enough for airfare at 24 mths) $220 Car** $20,000
Housing $700 Total Up Front Costs $31,200
Food $200
Tithe $320 * We believe that we’ll be able to get a
Transportation $250 mostly furnished apartment / house for
Furnishings, Purchases, Clothing Misc. $175 the cost above
Taxes $225
Language Acquisition $200 **A car will not be an immediate necessity,
Household / Childcare Expenses $80 however it will serve us well to have one in
Utlitlies $125 the long run.
Unexpected $100
Visa / Residency Expenses $50 Contributions can be sent to:
Meals $30
Home School Materials $150
Personal Monthly Total $3,175
Lancaster Vineyard Church
Attn: Ethiopia
Ministry Expenses Monthly PO Box 6101
Computer Fund (replace every 3 years) $40 Lancaster, PA 17607
In Country Transportation $100
Compassion $100 please make checks payable to
Outreach $100
Lancaster Vineyard Church. Do
Administration $150
Conferences / Materials $50 not put our name on the check,
Ministry Monthly Total $540 rather put “Ethiopia” in the memo
Total Monthly Expenses (personal & ministry) $3,715 line.

An envelope is enclosed for your