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Can an Idea alone Change the World?

Can an Idea alone Change the World?

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Published by Ashish Goenka
Can an idea change the world? Inspired by the Acumen Fund philosophy, this is a poetic take on why I think Social Enterprise can change the world.

We can all do our bit to help reduce poverty.

Can an idea change the world? Inspired by the Acumen Fund philosophy, this is a poetic take on why I think Social Enterprise can change the world.

We can all do our bit to help reduce poverty.

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Published by: Ashish Goenka on Oct 03, 2013
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Change the World – by Ashish Goenka Can an idea alone change the world?

The optimist says yes, the realist says no I believe that ideas can bring about change Given, time, resources and room to grow Ideas must be nurtured, questioned and refined They need a platform that allows them to fail From failure alone we learn how to improve These learnings are what help ideas prevail What of motive, what of the goals Is profit alone a good enough measure In today's world have we forgotten That humanity itself is the real treasure I believe in returns for sustainability In people who put 'us' before 'me' I believe the time has come for an idea Of a new way to tackle global poverty Markets are efficient and ruthless There are few problems they cannot solve But profit being the main driver of markets They have neither motive nor the resolve To measure returns in metrics intangible Or to ascrible a ‘value’ to dignity I believe in defining success in non-monetary terms Like creation of choice and opportunity Philanthropists are not the most efficient Their heart may be in the right place But between markets and philanthropy Lies a huge empty space This is where I want to sit Blending philanthropy with market force With a vision to direct patient capital On its honorable and rightful course It’s not a new idea, its old enough Despite being around for so long, it remains fresh & young Touched millions of lives across continents But still several songs of success still to be sung The path is not going to be an easy one But my goals are clearly defined The path from dependence & charity to dignity & choice I believe we must try and find To find this path, we must understand the poor Their lives, their critical wants and needs Like Water, Health, Education, Agriculture & Energy Without knowledge we cannot succeed This knowledge we get from the market It is our best listening device I believe in supporting market based solutions To deliver services to communities, at the right price We cannot do this alone It will take everyone to create a revolution Too long have we looked the other way When there is an alternative solution It is time to embrace the world With both arms, and expect no thanks in return I believe we must act with humility and trust And at each step we must be willing to learn We have learnt that the poor are not helpless They lust for security, for dignity, for pride Without basic necessities or the luxury of choice They take life’s challenges in their stride We’ve learnt that the poor don't want handouts They want their destiny in their own hands Our role is to help build an ecosystem of trust So, together we can all stand Together as Donors, Fellows, Customers & Entrepreneurs Committed to a mission of the highest order to deliver a blueprint for social change and build entrepreneurial communities without borders Communities of architects of innovation for the poor who speak a common language, in open conversation I believe in building communities of trust, of results through partnerships and through collaboration I know the vision is tough to achieve It requires the best people, strong execution I believe I can do my part to mobilise resources To help bring this vision to fruition Too long have I put off my inner voice I am ready to take steps to create A life where I value my achievements and contribution Before its not too late I am no longer happy to let My best years just pass me by I am ready to work for an equitable future I believe it is my duty to try Our action or our inaction impacts others Who we never meet, in ways we don’t know I believe that I can make a difference if in my every action A seed of change, somewhere I can sow I am ready to reset my beliefs, my skills, my ideas To apply them in manners anew I am ready to be part of a new world order I believe ideas can drive change and so can you I am ready to invest in the spread of ideas Ideas that benefit the poor of this world I am an optimist and a realist I believe ideas can change the world

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