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Tata Docomo - A new revolution in Mobile service

Tata Docomo - A new revolution in Mobile service

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Published by mynareshk
Review of Tata docomo mobile service. A new revolution in Mobile service.
Review of Tata docomo mobile service. A new revolution in Mobile service.

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Published by: mynareshk on Jul 12, 2009
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TATA DOCOMO - The new revolution in Mobile Service

TATA DOCOMO, Why pay for the Unused?

Wow I really liked that tag line and I really really like the name DOCOMO. Its characters resemble the creatures in a Game called Pacman that I used to play when I was a kid. tata-docomo I’ll call it DOCOMO rather than TATA DOCOMO. This new network which debuted in India recently is a joint venture of Tata Sons and DOCOMO Inc. which is based in Japan. It currently offers its service in Orissa, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala but I’m sure they’ll take it to every corner of India. So what does that tag line ‘Why pay for the unused’ mean? I currently have Airtel network and to be frank I’m a huge fan of this service. Although their prices are slightly high compared to others, no other networks can match the network coverage that Airtel can offer. But when ever my talktime runs into single figures I keep an eye on the call time when ever I make a call to some one and I’d make sure that I end the call in the 55 seconds mark, for eg. 2 min 55 seconds. So that I use the entire 3 minute time and charged for 3 minutes. Had I talked for 2 min and 1 second, I still would have been charged for 3 minutes of usage. That’s because the calls are charged on a 60 seconds pulse rate. Now with DOCOMO, I don’t need to keep and eye on the call time as I only pay for what I use. If I talk for 45 seconds, I’m only charged 45 paise and NOT 1 rupee. That’s cool. As per their website (Which is cool too :D) at present, they have a single plan and that is a life time validity plan which only costs Rs.49. So I can now take the Validity thing out of my mind and only recharge with talk time vouchers and the talk talk talk. All local calls are charged at 1 paise per second and STD calls at 2 paise per second which comes out as 1.20 rupees/min (Which is still less by 30 paise compared to others). But there comes the added advantage of 1 second pulse call, you only pay for what you use. As a promotional offer, for a limited period of time, the STD calls are also being charged at 1 paise per second. Just visit their website and look how cool it is. Come on DOCOMO, come to Hyderabad and I’ll be the first one to subscribe to your network. Sorry Airtel, It’s been great working with you for 5 years but you have to move on in life. For more details: www.tatadocomo.com Source: http://www.sriraj.org/india/tata-docomo-ntt-gsm-services-tariff-price-teleservices/

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