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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide

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Published by: Coleridge666 on Jul 12, 2009
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A mounted store is a store that is operating normally and is available for user and administrator
access. If the store is dismounted or offline, no users can access it and you may not be able to
view or change all of the store properties. In most cases, Exchange mounts and dismounts stores
automatically, if needed. For example, if you move a store's database files to a new directory, the
store will be dismounted automatically until the move is complete.

Under certain conditions, you may need to mount or dismount stores manually. For example, you
can configure stores so that, if the server restarts, the store must be mounted manually. That way
you can check the server for problems before allowing users to access the store again. For more
information, see "Configuring Store Maintenance and Backup Options" later in this chapter.

The Mount Store and Dismount Store commands are available in the Action menu for each
store that appears in Exchange System Manager.


If you do not have permissions on a particular store, the store may appear to be dismounted in
Exchange System Manager when it is actually running. This may occur if you are using a distributed
administration model, with multiple administrative groups with separate administrators. Each
administrator will only be able to interact with the stores in that administrator's own administrative

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