Hello darlings!!

Here are some more information about our final BIG:
1. For the WATER ACTIVITY & HIKING: 1/2 of us will go hiking on day 2 & 1/2 will go for the water xtvt. day 3: SWAP. We will berandomly selected to go to which activities, so be prepared lah ye... Due to the random selections, those who are on duty for cooking (dinner) on day 2 & day 3:

IF you are involved with HIKING, you should SWAP your turns with those who are involved with WATER ACTIVITIES. Rational: the location for our hiking activity is quite far, therefore it takes time laaa klu nk rush balik g campsite utk masak. 2. Remember, kaler2 baju anda yewwww. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Blue! Red! Black! Brown! Nite LDKs: White, non-collar  Cultural nite: According to ur groups

3. Bring extra socks due to the rain season. 4. Do you still remember our Outdoor Education camping before? Remember how horrible our shirts becameeeeeeeeee after the activities? I guess for this BIG, we should have the same expectations, so it’s advisable that you bring old, wearable shirts (the ones yang kalau nak buang pun, hati x brapa sakit...hahaha) 5. Let’s pray hard that it won’t rain  6. It’s our last camping trip as a cohort, so let’s make the best of it! 7. Ok the final mommy words from me, don’t forget to pack up and bring your common sense, punctuality, cooperation and your smiles ah~~~  Sekian, TQ. Selamat Hari Raya Haji uolsss! <3