WILMS’ TUMOR Wilms' tumor or nephroblastoma is a tumor of the kidneys that typically occurs in children 3-8 years old.

It was named after Dr. Carl Max Wilhelm Wilms, a German surgeon (1867–1918) who first described this kind of tumor

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS:  Abdominal mass  Fever  Blood in the urine  Reduced appetite  Weight loss  High blood pressure In Wilm’s tumor, cancer cells arise during fetal growth and development. Failure of the kidney cells to develop

Multiplication of kidney cells in their primitive stage


RISK FACTORS: Aniridia – failure of the iris to form completely Hemihypertrophy – an abnormality wherein one side of the body is noticeably larger than the other side Undescended testicles – one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum Hypospadias – the urethral opening is on the underside instead at the tip of the penis


. such as blood vessels. Chemotherapy Uses medication to kill cancer cells. Stage II – the cancer has spread to the tissues and structures near the kidneys. STAGES OF WILMS’ TUMOR Stage III – the cancer spread beyond the kidney area to nearby lymph nodes or other structures within the abdomen. It usually started within a few days after surgery.STAGES OF WILMS’ TUMOR Stage I – the cancer is found only in the kidneys. liver or brain. It maybe given by pill. Radiation therapy Uses x-rays or other sources of high energy rays to kill cancer cells. such as lungs. Stage IV – the cancer spreads to distant structures. Surgery NEPHRECTOMY – the surgical removal of the kidney tissue NEPHRECTOMY Types: Simple nephrectomy – surgical removal of the entire kidney Partial nephrectomy – removal of the tumor and part of the kidney tissue surrounding it Radical nephrectomy – removal of the kidney and surrounding tissues including the lymph nodes B. It can’t be completely removed by surgery. It can be completely removed by surgery. IV line or an injection C. Stage V – cancer cells are in both kidneys TREATMENT Standard treatment for Wilms tumor are: A.

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