Saurav Sengupta, Assistant Professor, Dept of English, Damdama College Pranjit Kalita, Assistant Professor, Dept of Economics Pub Bongsor College, Pacharia

Poverty and Inequality

Targetting Woman for Property
 Rashmi Rabha, and her 18 years old daughter residents

of Jurigaon village in West Garo Hills, Meghalaya bordering Assam were branded witches
 Her own nephew spread the rumour These resulted in

their forceful eviction from the village and her nephew seized all her property after the demise of her husband.

Tense Social Situation
There is so much pressure and struggle in our daily lives. One has to do something…kill something … so that we feel that momentarily we have some power over our lives. It perhaps gives the community some respite. Momentarily of course, till the harassment by the police and outsiders start. Hospitals, medicines, doctors are something we do not have here. So at work we have the troubles over wages and treatment. And at home it is the old story of ailments and deaths ( An Adivasi speaking on why he must kill to make sense of life)

Making Men/Women Workers
 Globalization and foreign aid: No labor laws please
 Empowered woman and the trickle down effect: War

rugs in Afganisthan as expressing the destructive consequences of radical Islam  Empowerment translated into consumerism with NGO’s like Beauty without Borders-Loreal, Revlon etc  Liberty but do not go beyond the norms of family or patriarchy.  Freedom relevant. You can change your television channel if you please.

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