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Michael Short Oct 3rd Outside Coverage #1 Humbly Interesting: Lyda Toy The Mobile Arts Council introduced

a new gallery selected by judge/juror, Lyda Toy. Mobile is part of a rapidly growing art scene around the Gulf Coast and Ms. Toys selection shows the uniqueness of our local artists. On October 2nd, the exhibit opened and will be remain available for the public to enjoy until the Award Ceremony. Awards will be given next Friday, October 11th. The Art Council is located downtown at 318 Dauphin Street, next to Spot of Tea. Ms. Toys selection of art incorporates all different types of media. On September 27th, local artists submitted their artwork to the council. The University of West Florida artist and teacher had to decide if their work was enough quality for the show. Associate Director of the Mobile Art Council, Charlie Smoke, gave an exclusive tour of the facility and the artwork that would be displayed. Mr. Smoke explained the process of putting this collection together; there were 42 pieces by 30 artists. Then, what Lyda Toy did, was looked through to see if any (artwork) should be rejected. She left them all in because it is a fairly small show and she has chosen those that will get awards. The Award Ceremony will take place at the monthly Art Walk, which the Mobile Arts Council hosts on Dauphin Street. All who are interested in seeing great artwork should be go to the walk at the iconic O.K. Bicycle Shop at 6 p.m. awards will then be presented at 7:30p.m.

Michael Short Oct 3rd Outside Coverage #1 The multitalented, Lyda Toy had a lot of her own experience that she used to select the award winning pieces. Her area of focus in the industry is paint and print media. A seven-panel watercolor painting has a permanent home at the University of Floridas new health center. Furthermore, she has art that is periodically on display in The Art Gallery on West Floridas campus. Kathy Gibson and Art House 5 handle a lot of her representation, based in Tampa, FL. Ms. Toy did her artist in residence training at the non-profit 621 Gallery. Having been a gallery assistant for Gadsden Arts Inc. the upcoming award announcements will mean even more distinction and merit for the artists that are participating. When she isnt giving back to the art community she likes to play the guitar, banjo, and recorder. Ms. Toy is truly an all-around artist. Her current show is full of work that is much like our community, humbly interesting. A work that demonstrates and would give anyone the desire to want to return for the award ceremony depicts a Labrador retriever in all pencil. The delicately done profile of the puppy is depicted looking upward next to an old wooden porch. After further review, a dogs face engrained into the wooden post can be seen and brings a certain level of intricacy to the piece that begs for more attention. Mr. Goldman, the artist behind the drawing, brought this piece to the show last week. He hasnt participated in the art community for years, but it is quite obvious he still has tremendous

Michael Short Oct 3rd Outside Coverage #1 talent. The Mobile Art Council has been around for over 7 decades and serves as a place that all are welcomed. One of the main goals of the Council has been to educate the community and to keep art alive in our sweet southern city. It is able to maintain all of their endeavors because of many generous patrons and the support of the community. Toys selection contains inspiration in each piece of work that is so familiar because it done by our fellow neighbor artists. Toys show is well worth a trip to downtown Mobile. Each of the pieces have a certain familiarity, maybe it is because they were simply done by our artistic neighbors.

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