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harun yahya islam - kuran_fihristi_en

harun yahya islam - kuran_fihristi_en

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Published by: Jason Galvan (Abu Noah Ibrahim Ibn Mikaal) on Jul 13, 2009
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When Talut marched out with the army, he said,
‘Allah will test you with a river. Anyone who
drinks from it is not with me. But anyone who
does not taste it is with me–except for him who
merely scoops up a little in his hand.’But they
drank from it–except for a few of them. Then
when he and those who believed with him had
crossed it, they said, ‘We do not have the
strength to face Goliath and his troops today.’But
those who were sure that they were going to
meet Allah said, ‘How many a small force has tri-
umphed over a much greater one by Allah’s per-
mission! Allah is with the steadfast.’(2:249)
There was a sign for you in the two parties which
met face to face, one party fighting in the Way of
Allah and the other disbelievers. You saw them
as twice their number with your own eyes. Allah
reinforces with His help whoever He wills. There
is instruction in that for people of insight. (3:13)
When news of any matter reaches them they
spread it about, whether it is of a reassuring or
disquieting nature. If they had only referred it to
the Messenger and those in command among
them, those among them able to discern the truth
about it would have had proper knowledge of it.
If it were not for Allah’s favour to you and His
mercy, all but a very few of you would have fol-


lowed Satan. (4:83)
‘Clear insights have come to you from your Lord.
Whoever sees clearly, does so to his own benefit.
Whoever is blind, it is to his own detriment. I am
not here as your keeper.’(6:104)
If you do not bring them a Sign, they say, ‘Why
have you not come up with one?’Say, ‘I follow
only what has been revealed to me from my
Lord.’This is clear insight from your Lord, and
guidance and mercy, for people who believe.
Say: ‘This is my way. I call to Allah with inner
sight, I and all who follow me. Glory be to Allah!
I am not one of the idolaters!’(12:108)
Allah revolves night and day. There is surely a
lesson in that for people with inner sight. (24:44)
And remember Our servants Ibrahim, Ishaq and
Ya‘qub, men of true strength and inner sight.
This is clear insight for mankind and guidance
and mercy for people with certainty. (45:20)
It is He Who expelled those who disbelieved
among the People of the Book from their homes
to the first gathering-place. You did not think that
they would leave and they thought that their
fortresses would protect them from Allah. Then
Allah came upon them from where they least ex-
pected it and cast terror into their hearts. Their
houses were pulled down by their own hands
and by the hands of the believers. People of in-
sight, take note! (59:2)

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