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Brain Chip

Brain Chip

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Published by: Kinjal Parmar on Oct 03, 2013
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Name:-Hardik Parmar Roll no:-D13IT150

Brain Computer Interface is a direct technological interface between a brain & a computer system not requires a motor output from the user. It is abbreviated as BCI. It is also known as Direct Neural Interface (DNI) & Brain – Machine Interface (BMI).

Principle Behind BCI(Brain Computer Interface):
This technology is based on to sense, transmit, analyze and apply the language of neurons. It consist of a sensor that is implanted in the motor cortex of the brain and a device that analyses brain signals. The signals generated by brain are interpreted and translated into cursor movement on computer screen to control the computer. It consists of a silicon array about the size of an Aspirin tablet that contains about 100 electrodes each thinner than a human hair.BCI research has targeted repairing damaged sight and providing new functionality for people with paralysis. Recently this technology has been built into toys and gaming devices, some of these toys have been extremely commercially successful like the NeuroSky and Mattel MindFlex.

Example:• • • • Bioengineering applications Human subject monitoring Neuroscience research Man – Machine Interaction

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