AMSA-Indonesia is one of the founder (founding member) International AMSA, However, AMSA Indonesia was officially established

on August 10, 1996 in Yogyakarta. AMSA Indonesia was founded as existing from responbality of moral and obligation of medical student to always improve the quality, abilty and student exprience, so that in his time will appear the doctors, researcher, educators and health administator capable to compete and with high quality. And the next time will emerge the generations of future leader whice have dedicated and understand the needs of public health. Amsa’s vision is : Knowledge, Action And Friendship, are continually improved on going basis through the organization. AMSA’s mission : Knowledge : AMSA carry out activities in the field of medical science to improve and expand the horizons of medical students so that they can run with either the medical profession in the future. Action : As a student of medicine, AMSA care about the community that exists around us and doing activities that are beneficial and can improve quality of life of the communities where we operate. Friendship (Friendship): As a future doctor, AMSA aims to establish and maintain good relationships among fellow medical students in Asia, the Asian Pacific region and beyond. AMSA’s purpose :  Increase understanding about the health problems that exist, as well as share experiences on how to solve them.  Fighting for fellowship and good relations among its members.  Create cooperation among medical students in Asia and Oceania.

 Maintain the humanitarian ideals and values of medical ethics. Fund Raising FADJRIANSYAH WAHID G 501 11 049 . AMSA UNTAD was established on August 29 2010. that pioneered 42 people. Club n Art 5. Management n Development 4. AMSA UNTAD is the organization youngest in HMPD. President 1 : Rangga Duo Ramadan Secretary 1 : Lucky Sarjono Buranda Treasurer : Widy Field in the AMSA UNTAD : 1. Research n Academic 2. Social Service n Relationship 3.  Improve the welfare and concern for many communities in Asia and Oceania.

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