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TCS Verbal Practice Questions: Second Set 33 Write an email to your client explaining that there will be a delay

in you project. inform - project delivery delayed - key team member sick - food poisoning - last minute unexpected - trying substitute - required skill set - lost time - delay of one week - apologies 34 Write an email to Joan. Inform her that a project has been delayed. Sign the email as Margaret. project delayed - project leader testing team - cholera - 3 weeks - let me - if you need clarification delay - sorry 35 Write an email to a restaurant owner complaining about the bad service you had at his restaurant visited - restaurant-weekend -friend from Bangalore reservation wait - half an hour bad service waiters rude - long time - food arrive - cold- bill late surprised - act immediately - good reputation 36 Write an e-mail to your boss using the phrases given below. learnt that (boss) is taking up a new project - planned for investment of millions of dollars in it - unfortunately plan will not work - competitor has similar project - this project was a failure - no demand in the market - hence - should stop this idea immediately 37 Write an email to your HR head recommending a friend for a vacant post. recommendingmy friend Markvacant postProgrammer Analystdegreework experiencepleasant persongood additionteamresume 38 Write an e-mail to your boss using the phrases given below. heard - new training program - latest technology- useful - my career - want to be included- participate keenly - learn and implement - benefit of the company

39 You are the director of a pharmacy company. Write an e-mail to your office manger asking them to make arrangements for a foreign delegation visit. foreign delegation - visiting - arrive - Wednesday morning - visit head-office - also factories - keep premises clean interaction - employees - compulsory attendance - dress in formals - evening - sightseeing - food arrangements - taste in mind 40 You are sending some plans for review to the client. Write an e-mail to him. sending plans - Project "dreamcode" - technical and functional details - not final detailed review suggestions improvement - 2 weeks time incorporate - revised proposal - final signoff 41 New floor manager has been appointed. As manager of the department, write an e-mail to all staff explaining about this: floor manager-appointed- start work next Monday- comes with 10 years of work experience-good track record- top companies- Indian and International- good addition team-welcome 42 Youre e-mailing a client with product information after they telephoned you with an enquiry. launched vacuum cleaner "EEGA" recently- innovative- huge market share- excellent after sales services- arrange demo- discount on bulk orders 43 Write an e-mail to the manager of a company called ITEX complaining about a delivery service bought a product-didnt work-called customer care-put me through automated teleservices-on hold for 19 minutes-got disconnected-wrote an e-mail-reply- sorted out-2 days- problem still unresolved 44 Write an email to all the employees about the importance of dressing formally at the work place. important - have a dress code-office- employees not dressing formally -impression customers- T-shirts- Jeans-unacceptable-professional image - imparts - seriousness work

45 Write an email to the General Manager (Human Resources) recommending training for all the employees. in the light of poor performance of staff- training-required- inefficient staff-causing problems - creating bad impression of the company-urgent need of training- top quality trainers-presentation skills- teamwork- periodic training-required