Institute of Aerodynamics Prof. Dr. N. A.


Boundary Layer Theory PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Christian Stemmer Dr.-Ing. Daniel Gaudlitz

Seminar 1

Exercise 1: Why does a body within a flow field experiences a drag force? Exercise 2: a) Describe the basic idea of Prandtl’s boundary-layer concept. b) Which equations describe the free flow field and which equations describe the boundarylayer flow? Exercise 3: A laminar boundary layer on a flat plate of the width b and length L has been investigated experimentally. The following relation for the velocity profiles in wall-normal direction u(η ) has been determined: y u = f (η ) = 2 η − 2η 3 + η 4 mit η = U∞ δ a) Calculate the displacement thickness δ ∗ , the momentum thickness θ and the wall shear stress τw as a function of the boundary-layer thickness δ . b) Calculate the shape factor H12 . c) How do the boundary-layer thickness δ and the wall shear stress τW change as a function of the flow coordinate x ? d) Specify the drag coefficient Cf for a flat plate with flow on both faces of the plate.


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