MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report

Month Date 1. Building Staff 1.1 Staff Structure Currently the building management team comprises of 13 operation staff and 5 technical staff divided into 2 shift under the supervision of the Property Manager, Mr. Frankie Hui. The performance of the staff is generally satisfactory. 1.2 Organization Chart Management Office Property Manager Frankie Hui Secretary To Pui Har Property Officer Yan Im Fai Building Services Engineer Chan Ngai Yui : June 2009 : 13 July 2009

Operation Staff Day Shift Control Room APO Carpark Shroff SPA PA Building Patrol PA 1/F Carpark PA 2/F Carpark PA APO SPA PA ST Tech Assistant Property Officer Senior Property Assistant Property Assistant Senior Technician Technician Night Shift Control Room SPA Carpark Shroff PA Building Patrol PA Relief Staff PA Technical team ST Tech Tech Mid-Shift Tech


MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report
2. Repair & Maintenance 2.1.1 Facilities Maintenance Company Name Contract Period Contract Price (HK$) Chevalier (HK) Ltd General Security (HK) Ltd. Kwun Fung Engineering Ltd Trane Hong Kong Shun Tung Electric Ltd Precision Engineering Ltd Wan Fung Yuen Rentokil Initial Hong Kong Ltd Surewin Engineering Ltd Gamma Laboratory Ltd Fabri-Technic Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd. Winson Cleaning Service Ltd 01.01.09–31.12.09 39,800/mth Daily 01.03.09–28.02.10 350.00/mth Monthly 01.01.09–31.12.11 24.08.08–23.08.09 01.08.08–31.07.09 01.01.06–31.12.10 01.02.08–31.12.09 01.01.08–31.12.09 01.01.09–31.12.09 01.01.09–31.12.09 01.01.09–31.12.09 57,200.00/mth 1,470.00/yr 2,600.00/yr 5,200.00/mth 370.00/mth 450.00/mth 4,300.00/mth 815.00/mth 2,700.00/mth Bi-weekly On Call Annual Inspection in June 2009 Monthly Monthly Quarterly Daily Monthly Monthly Frequency

Maintenance Items Lift Silverguard Patrol Manager Fire Services Air-conditioning System Generator Set CCTV/Security Landscaping Pest Control Gondola Lightning Protection System Ultra-Violet Water Purification System Cleaning





MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report
2.1.2 Facilities Repair Descriptions Repair Works done by in-house technicians Electrical repair works including all electrical installations. Minor building repairs including rectification work on spalling Repair works on metal fittings & fixtures Other sundry repair works Total : 32 3 5 8 48 16 6 3 6 31 No. of Jobs No. of manpower provided (Man x Day)

2.2 Facility Breakdown Nil 3. Improvement Works (Carry out by in-house technician) a) The re-painting work of R/F metal platform is in-progress.

Work in Progress b) The re-painting of the 1/F carpark ceiling has been commenced in June 2009.

Work in progress

MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report
c) The re-painting of the 1/F loading & unloading area was completed on 26 June 2009.

Completed Descriptions No. of Jobs No. of manpower provided (Man x Day) 3a) Repainting work of the R/F metal platform (In-progress) 3b) Repainting work of the 1/F Carpark ceiling (In-progress) 3c) Repainting work of the 1/F loading & unloading area (Completed) 1 1 1 Total : 1 20 28 49


Cleaning Services Contract Winson Cleaning Service Ltd Contract Period Monthly Comprehensive Cleaning Item 01.01.09–31.12.09 Bi-monthly curtain wall cleaning Date of Monthly Comprehensive Cleaning Tentatively arranged on 17-20 July 09


MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report
5. Report of Major Incident & Complaint Summary Incident / Complaint Date of Incident / Complaint NIL Follow-up Action


Carpark Income

Month / Year January 2009 February 2009 March 2009 April 2009 May 2009 June 2009

Carpark Licence Fee 23 Nos. - $36,500.00 23 Nos. - $36,500.00 23 Nos. - $36,500.00 23 Nos. - $36,500.00 23 Nos. - $36,500.00 22 Nos. - $35,120.00
(1 no. of the car parks was terminated from 8 Jun 2009)

Hourly Carpark Fee 285 tickets - $10,115.00 280 tickets - $10,820.00 335 tickets - $13,060.00 334 tickets - $12,110.00 318 tickets - $11,185.00 336 tickets - $11,595.00

Grand Total $46,615.00 $47,320.00 $49,560.00 $48,610.00 $47,685.00 $46,715.00


Financial According to the monthly financial statement of May 2009, the total monthly income was HK$903,768.68 and the total monthly expenditure was HK$661,810.31. After having deducted the settlement of the monthly installment for Chiller Plants of HK$116,866.00 and the transference of HK$10,000.00 to the Reserved Fund, a surplus of HK$149,886.89 was recorded for the month.


a) Occupation Health and Safety Occupational Incident / Staff Injury Date of Incident / Staff Injury NIL Follow-up Action


MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report
b) Schedule of Drills 1) Drill for handling of Typhoon was conducted on 25 June 2009. 2) Drill for handling of Breakdown of Electricity Supply is planned in July 2009. 3) Drill for handling of Water Flooding is scheduled in August 2009. 4) Fire Drill is scheduled in November 2009.  Record of the Drill for handling of Typhoon on 25 June 2009 Drill for handling of Typhoon when signal no.8 is hoisted: (1) Checking all staff safety equipment and tools for emergency use.


Checking all Building facilities to ensure all movable items have been properly tightened or moved away.


MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report


Checking all the drainages conditions.


Putting sand bags in open space to prevent water flooding caused by heavy rain.


MITA CENTRE Building Operations Monthly Report
(5) Checking all the external walls of the building to ensure that all windows have been closed.

(6) 9.

After lowering all typhoon signal, the building team would re-check all the building facilities.

Any Other Business Precautionary Measures Against Human Swine Influenza As the swine influenza is still serious in Hong Kong, the Building Manager continues to take a series of precautionary measures as follows:      Regular Cleaning and Sanitizing of Lift Button Panels in hourly basis Regular Cleaning and Sanitizing of Main Entrance and Common Areas Disinfection of public drainage by diluted household bleach Enhanced Sanitization Work for all Common Toilets Installation of Infra-red Hand Gel Dispensers at the lift lobbies on G/F, 1/F and 2/F respectively, and at Car Park Shroff Office for occupants’ use

- End of Report 8

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