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Rates & Costing Section-CFA Corporate Office, Eastern Court Janpath, New Delhi 110001 Tel: 011-23734320 Fax:

: 011-23734322 No. 3-1/2009-R&C [CFA] Circular R&C-CFA No. 56/10-11 Subject: Revision of validity for FLPP PCO Recharge Coupon- reg.

Dated 10-02-2011

Kind reference is invited to this office letter of even No. 10-3/Comm./2009-R&C dated 30-03-2009 (i.e. Circular No. 98) through which the tariff for sale of FLPP PCO recharge coupons (with or without on line sale) including validity of the recharge coupon was communicated at Para-A (ii). 2. The Competent Authority has now decided to revise the validity of the FLPP Recharge coupon (card) having value of Rs. 300/- from the existing 15 days to 30 days. The existing and the revised structure is given below: Card Type Existing Revised Card Value (in Rs.) 300 300 Validity ( in Days) 15 30 3. All other relevant terms and conditions contained in the above circular dated 30.03.2009 shall remain unchanged. 4. These instructions shall have immediate effect. 5. This circular is issued based on the approval of Competent Authority in CS cell file No. 22-4/2010/PHB. For any clarification/correspondence, in this regard, matter may be taken up with CS Section, BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath, New Delhi-110001 (Tel. No. 011-23710274 and Fax No. 011-23711522). 6. The above revision may be incorporated in all existing billing packages including CDR Billing system.

(S. K. Bhat) DGM (T&C)-CFA To All CGMs - Telecom Circles/ Metro Telephone Districts.
Copy for information to: 1. CMD, BSNL. 2. Directors (CFA / CM / ENT / HR / FIN) on BSNLs Board. 3. Executive Director (Finance), BSNL. 4. All PGMs / Sr. GMs (PDP / NWP-BB / NW Planning/ FIN / RN / NW Operation) - CFA, CO BSNL. 5. GM (Marketing), CO BSNL, for adequate publicity and marketing of the service. 6. GM (IT), CO BSNL for placement on BSNL Website. 7. GM (CS)-CFA, CO BSNL w.r.t case mark: 22-4/2010/PHB carrying the approval of the Competent Authority in the matter. It is requested that necessary action may be taken regarding website updation. 8. CGM (ITPC), Pune, RTTC, Plot No. 121/122, MIDC- G Block, Chinchwad, Pune-411019 for necessary changes in CDR/ other billing system. 9. Director General P&T Audit, Shyam Nath Marg, Near Old Secretariat, Delhi-110 054. 10. Guard File. (M. K. Joardar) Dy. Manager (T&C)-CFA