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Thing Mission Mission Briefing Quest Quest

1.Q1 1.Q2 1.Q3 1.Q4 1.Q5 1.Q6 1.Q7 1.Q8 1.Q9

Typing Quiz Badge Q

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Badge Earned


1. Basic Orientation

Basic Preparation

Typing Score Quiz score 21 t4s Basic Achievement Badge


The yellow areas are boxes you can type in.

2. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Mission
Quiz Badge

2.Q1 2.Q2 2.Q3 2.Q4

Murphy's law Now What? Safe? Trouble Quiz score System Specialist 2.Q1


3. Cloud Management

Cloud Management Mission

3.Q1 3.Q2 3.Q3

Cloud Computing Investigating Diigo Investigating Drop Box Quiz score Cloud Manager Badge

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Missions 4-6 Name:

Thing Mission Quest Quest a Badge Earned Teacher

4. Visual Organizers

Visual Organizers Mission

4.Q1 4.Q2 4.Q3

Fire Rescue Thrill Rides QR Codes Quiz score Strategist

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections: Reflections:

5. Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint Mission

5.Q1 5.Q2 5.Q3 5.Q4 5.Q5 5.Q6

Three R's Foot Work Codify Evolving Footprint Web Presence Blogs Quiz score Webmaster

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections: Reflections:

6. Cyber Safety Mission

Cybershield Misssion Protect Your Identity Mission Stop the Bully Mission Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

6.Q1 6.Q2 6.Q3 6.Q4 6.Q5 6.Q6 6.Q7 6.Q8 6.Q9

Bill of Rights Danger! OEQ Cyber Spy Game ID Faceoff Game Six Clicks Cyberbulling Video Nobody likes a bully Webonauts Academy Quiz score Cyber Safety Specialist

Missions 7-9 Name:

Thing Mission Quest Quest a Badge Earned Teacher

7. Be Legal & Fair

Be Legal and Fair Mission

7.Q1 7.Q2 7.Q3

Copyright Laws The Source Stop the Pirates Quiz score Enforcement Specialist

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

8. Suite Tools

Suite Tools gdocs Mission

8.Q1 8.Q2 8.Q3 8.Q4 8.Q5 8.Q6

Tools Files Graphics Share Tables Headers & Footers Quiz score Suite Operator

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

9. Search Strategies

Search Strategies

9.Q1 9.Q2 9.Q3 9.Q4

Michigan eLibrary Safe Searching Web Site Evaluation Citing your Source Quiz score CSI Specialist

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Missions 10-12 Name: Thing 10. Digital Images Mission Digital Images Mission Quest 10.Q1 10.Q2 10.Q3 10.Q4 Quest The Search is on Image Magic Science Mythbusters Information Please a Badge Earned Teacher

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Quiz score Image Magician

11. Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations

GDrive presentations

11.Q1 11.Q2 11.Q3 11.Q4 11.Q5 11.Q6 11.Q7 11.Q8 11.Q9

Land of Prezi Creating your Prezi Collaboration Presentation Basics Insert Objects Formatting Editing Arranging Objects Sharing Quiz score Presentation Specialist

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

12. Interactives

Interactives Mission

12.Q1 Charting your course 12.Q2 Interactive Investigations 12.Q3 Quizlet Investigations Quiz score Web Investigator

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Name: Thing Mission Quest Quest 13.Q1 Spin Out Just Function (Fx): Car Cruising 13.Q2 or Cell Phone 13.Q3 Whiskers Changes Over Time: Lemonade 13.Q4 or Coffee 13.Q5 Sort It Out 13.Q6 Party Planner: Basics Party Planner: Format, Insert 13.Q7 & Merge 13.Q8 Party Planner: Fomulas 13.Q9 Party Planner: Charts 13.Q10 Party Planner: Share a Badge Earned Teacher

Dig the Data Mission 13. Dig the Data

Party Planner Quests

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Quiz score Data Analyst

14. Social Networks

Social Networks Mission

14.Q1 14.Q2 14.Q3 14.Q4 14.Q5

Life Online Making Connections Edmodo Safe Profile Building Your PLE Quiz score Networking Specialist

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Hands-on-line Mission B Q

15.Q1 Self Assessment 15.Q2 Gathering Evidence 15.Q4 Reflection Quiz Quiz score Intelligence Specialist Badge

15. Hands-online


Missions 16-18 Name: Thing 16. Career Prep Mission Quest 16.Q1 16.Q2 16.Q3 16.Q4 16.Q5 Quest Game of Life Who are you? Career Match Promote Yourself Digital Portfolio a Badge Earned SSI Chief

Career Prep Mission

Quiz BADGE Notes/reflections:

Quiz score Consumer Specialist

Screencasting Mission Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

17. Screencasti ng

17.Q1 17.Q2

Screen Recording Screencast Career Quiz score Screenmaster

18. Video Creation

Video Creation Mission

18.Q1 18.Q2 18.Q3 18.Q4 18.Q5 18.Q6

Cartoon Creation Podcasts On the Air Project Animation What is the message? Branding yourself Quiz score Media Wizard

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

Missions 19-21 Name: Thing Mission Buyer Beware Mission Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections: Quest 19.Q1 19.Q2 Quest Compare Products Rate the Retailer a Badge Earned SSI Chief

19. Buyer Beware

Quiz Score Consumer Specialist

20. Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing Mission

20.Q1 20.Q2 20.Q3 20.Q4

Texting Emoticons Too Much Info App Creator Quiz score Simulations Expert

Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

21. Game Design

Game Design Mission Quiz BADGE Notes/Reflections:

21.Q1 21.Q2 21.Q3 21.Q4 21.Q5

Get Inspired Learn to Scratch Animation Up the Ante Getting Serious Quiz score Simulator

Notes/Reflections: *** Graduation from 21things Academy Final Notes/Reflections:

21t4s Diploma