The following is an excerpt from a book I am in the process of self-publishing, titled The Continuum Wars.

INVITATION: Across the length and breadth of all reality, war rages. It has always raged, and always will rage. For this is the Foreverwar, the war for all that is, all that was, and all that will be. The balance of power shifts and sways from moment to aeon like a tower of cards; Order and Chaos, Good and Evil, pitted against each other in an intricate tapestry of mindless hatred, aggression, and destruction. The prize and the battlefield are synonymous, The Great Continuum. Infinite in scope and potential, the Continuum is all. It is also the eternal victim of the Foreverwar. In the shifting skein of past and future, entire threads are lost to the fires of war, only to be wrought anew, to fall once more. Reality itself bears the scars of a war without beginning or end. The Balance, once the greatest of the Primordial Forces, fights a losing battle to stem the devastation of the Foreverwar. Fate is it's hand, and the weapons it wields are the Fatemarked. They are drawn from all castes and walks of life, from countless realities. Seemingly random beings, gifted with the awesome power to forge permanent change. The Fatemarked are the ultimate wild cards in the Foreverwar, scattered to the four winds, wandering from reality to reality; some work to preserve the Balance, others seek their place among the other Primordial Forces. The Foreverwar is now. It always has been, and it always will be. Welcome to the Continuum Wars, welcome to your Fate.

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