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Thom Healy '85 (President) Ed Watters '61 (Vice President) Bill Kuhl '66 (Member-at-large) Kristina Theiss '98 (Member-at-large) Bob Kirchberger '69 (Member-at-large) Gary Hirschberg '78 (Member-at-large) Sharon Richter '86 (Advisor) Lori Southworth '79 (Advisor)

Current Projects/Initiatives Global Union o Survey to former LUAA Board Members, as well as LU family and friends in government services in the D.C. area to better assist the Global Union with various initiatives. Legacy of Leadership Association of Student Alumni Mentor Program o Identifying 10 to 15 alumni that will be interested in participating in a pilot mentor program that will match former board members with current student leaders. Recent Accomplishments Partnered with the Global Union to sponsor the Current and Future Technology Trends in Education presented by Apple event. This event was a smashing success.

Future Goals Assist with varied initiatives for Lehighs 150th Anniversary 2014 Legacy of Leadership Gala

How can the LUAA Board help? Any feedback on current achievements and future goals is appreciated.