Course: Associate Professor Valentin Naumescu, PhD Seminar: Associate Professor Valentin Naumescu, PhD

Syllabus Course topics: 1. Defining security: from hard security to soft security 2. Copenhagen School of European Security 3. Risks and threats to global and regional security 4. Hard security (military threats to security): NATO, Cold War, Atlantic order 5. The end of the Cold War and the Euro-Atlantic integration (the Space of Western security) 6. From U.S. hegemony to a multipolar world 7. Economic threats to security 8. Environment threats to security 9. Societal (social identity) security 10. Health threats to security 11. Natural threats to security 12. Accidental threats to security 13. Criminal threats to security 14. Regional conflicts and the need of effective international institutions

Minimal Bibliography:  Peter Hough, Understanding Global Security, 2nd edition, London and New York, Routledge, 2008

Natural disasters 12. The concept of security 2. From „hard” to „soft”: changes in security studies 3. Social. Dana Radler.5p for the collective essay and 0-1. The Cold War. Economic crises and human security 8. Simona Neumann. Teodor Meleşcanu. 2005 Seminar topics (specific chapters will be indicated for reading): 1. Regional conflicts and a changing global order 14. Bucureşti: Editura Cavallioti. Sandra Dungaciu. Pandemias 11.5p for the consistence of seminar activities) Oral examination: 0-6p. Dan Moga. Veaceslav Berbeca. George Poede. culture and identity issues 10. What kind of threats to global and regional security? 4. . Valentin Naumescu. The history of East Central European integration in the Euro-Atlantic system of institutions 6. Studii de securitate. NATO and the Warsaw Pact 5. Tim Bird. Stuart Croft. The American unipolarity 7. Romanian security policies Grading system: Seminar: 0-4p (0-2. Environment threats and the „green” international movement 9. Criminality and new threats to security 13.

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