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Fig. 19 Alloy C17200 (beryllium-copper), solution treated 10 min at 790 C (1450 F) and water quenched. Typical hardness is 62 HRB.

Structure is equiaxed grains of supersaturated solid solution of beryllium in copper. Etchant 3, Table 2. 300

Copper-beryllium alloys (Fig. 19, 20, and 21can be heat treated to remarkably high strengths, as evidenced by their hardnesses. The precipitation process increases the copper content of the surrounding matrix and improves the conductivity of the alloy. This combination of strength and conductivity makes these alloys useful as electrical contact components.

Metal mold cast aluminum bronze casting. Alloy contains 5% Ni and 5% Fe (similar to C95500). Under slow cooling, the laminar Widmnstatten structure (light) is visible on a background of fine martensitic structure (dark). Etchant not reported. 100 C95500 Nickel-aluminum bronze 81 Cu, 11 Al, 4 Fe, 4 Ni