What is history?

why do we study history? why is history important in society today?

Russia (Early Expansion). civics/Americ democracy. renaissance & reformation. Roaring Twenties. Civil RIghts. gilded age & progressive era. Vietnam. major world religions. 7th grade: End of Expansionism/imperialism. immigration. industrialization/capitalism/socialism. 6th Grade: Lasting ideas from ancient civilizations. WWII. romanticism. Cold War. exploration & Trade. & the Constitution. Middle Eas End of Cold War (Spread of democracy & Continued struggles). enlightenmen french revolution. Feudal Japan. Apartheid. America becomes a world power. WWI. the rise of the dictators. Dust Bowl. . England (Golden Age). Great Depression. Russian Revolution. Latin American independence. 8th Grade: Decline of European Colonialism.Topics of study for the year 5th Grade: Early american civilizations.

" (Henri Bergson) "We are tomorrow's past. BUT BY THE PAST. only more so.” (PATRICK HENRY) "The future bears a great resemblance to the past." (Mary Webb) "I KNOW OF NO WAY OF JUDGING THE FUTURE." (Faith Popcorn) .QUOTES ABOUT HISTORY: "The present contains nothing more than the past. and what was found in t effect was already in the cause.

.Applying the quotes to your grade-level & content What do you think these quotes mean? Why do you think this person said this quote? How would/could these four quotes apply to the content we will be studying this year in social studies? How do these quotes apply to society today? After reading these quotes and discussing them as a class please g back to our first three questions from your start of class writing prompt and respond to the questions once again.. .

What is history? why do we study history? why is history important? How has your response to these questions changed from the beginning of class? What could you now add to your response? .

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