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Chapter 2_ FIR Filters - Digital Filter Design

Chapter 2_ FIR Filters - Digital Filter Design

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The Blackman window is, along with Kaiser, Hamming and Blackman-Harris windows, considered most commonly used and the most
popular windows. Relatively high attenuation makes this window very convenient for almost all applications. The minimum stopband
attenuation of a filter designed with this window amounts to 75dB.

The Blackman window coefficients are expressed as:


Chapter 2: FIR filters - Digital Filter Design - mikroElektronika



Figure 2-3-14 illustrates the Blackman window coefficients in the time domain, whereas Figure 2-3-15. illustrates its coefficients in the
frequency domain.

Figure 2-3-14. The Blackman window coefficients in the time domain

Figure 2-3-15. The Blackman window coefficients in the frequency domain

As seen from Figure 2-3-15, the Blackman window frequency domain reminds of the Hann window frequency domain. The difference is in
attenuation of the first side lobe which amounts to 51dB, as well as in the main lobe which is somewhat wider. The side lobes, following
the first one, cause additional stopband attenuation.

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