Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering Structural Engineering Department

STR 656 Fall 2013

STR656: Plastic Analysis and Design of Steel Structures Assignment (2) Problem 1:
Draw the shape of the plastic zone for the following: • • The cantilever beam subjected to uniform load, Fig. 1. The simple beam subjected to uniform load, Fig. 2.

Beam section in both cases is rectangular of width (b) and depth (2d).

w L

Fig. 1 Problem 1

w L
Fig. 2 Problem 1

Problem 2:
A beam of rectangular cross-section, 40 mm wide and 60 mm deep, is simply supported over a span of 0.75 m; the steel has a yield stress 240 N/mm2. The beam carries a central point load of 40 kN. What are the length of the plastic zone, and the depth of the elastic core at mid-span?

Problem 3:
A beam of rectangular but varying cross-section, symmetrical about the centre of length, is simply supported at its ends. The beam has a uniform depth, but tapers uniformly from a width b at the centre towards either end. Collapse occurs under uniformly distributed load by the formation of hinges at quarter span. What is the width of the beam at its ends?

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