Commissar Valt spat on the scorched earth.

Him and the 303rd Stormtroopers of Be gedda stood entrenched, keeping an assaulting horde at bay under the direction o f artilery and heavy guns. The troops heads were shielded. A few unlucky ogrin h ad stood too tall, having their skulls blown apart by the heretics on the other side. Both Astartes and cultist were among the Chaos ranks. Commissar Valt seized a pair of binoculars from a younger trooper who de pserately wanted to catch a glimpse of the ancient enemy. "Do not tread there my boy, to look upon them is to see slander to the Emperor a nd expose your soul to the Warp! Let those who have confronted them and proven t heir resolve look upon our sworn foe..." he hammered the words over the air-brea king din of shells and bolter fire. He raised the scopes to his brow and looked out onto the horizon in a securely p rotected crevice of the trench. All horrors of the enemy became clear; contorted faces, afflicted with disease and rent and torn with self-caused cuts and burns . Symbols were branded into skin, and hateful eyes snarled and cursed the target of their charge as their numbers slowly fell under a butchery of intense fire. They were sending hordes to die like ants. Even astartes were lost irretrievably in the senseless slaughter they were heading for; but the commissar knew his fo e all too well to take this as a good sign. Even in their dying gasps, fanatical hands tainted with blood and mutation raised rebellious axes, bludgeons, even g ore-smeared rocks and sharp edges to the sky before falling limp. There were a f ew obvious Astartes sergeants in the distance, holing them and their coterie int o defended hovels and craters. A few rhinos began to raise the dust in the distance; the transports rev ealed their decor in time as they approach, putting the images of piked heads, i mpaled bodies, contorted faces in the hull and entire pelts of human skin pinned against the frontal armor. A horrendous site, and Valt knew the contents too we ll: more heretic Marines.

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