Mettur Thermal Power Station

POWER PLANTS Thermal power Hydro power

Current Capacity - Plant-Wise Thermal and Nuclear Plants

840 (MW)

Mettur Thermal Power Station has the responsibilities to generate and transmit electricity for the whole Tamil nadu. The most of the power produced are consumed by the company near to it. The coal from the mines Talcher and Ib Valley of MCL and Raniganj and Mugma of ECL is transported to the load ports of Paradip (Orissa), Vizag (Andhra Pradesh) and Haldia (West Bengal) respectively through rail. Thereafter the coal is transported to the discharge ports of Ennore and Tuticorin by ships. From Ennore Port the coal is transported again through rail to Ennore Thermal Power Station and Mettur Thermal Power Station. • TAMILNADU ELECTRICITY BOARD Power generating units

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Ennore Thermal Power Station, Chennai. Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, Tuticorin Mettur Thermal Power Station, Mettur. North Chennai Thermal Power Station, Chennai

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