Rye bread production Wheat, barley, oats, maize, rice and millet can be in the shot or Mehlmahlung well

with yeast or baking Backferment, but you have other methods for rye apply. Otherwise, Finnish researchers have found that cancer predisposition in Body can disappear in rye bread consumption. Ausführliches a rye bread recipe can be found in our publication "Notes from the constellation of research." (5) The Rye requires an R aumtemper ature of +28 ° C. How surprised I was when my bread in Periods of high ambient temperature of 1 Approach to within four hours all five plug Sunrises brought behind. It is evident that the rising of the sourdough not only the flour grains of well-trained, but especially on the right warmth question zurückzuführen is. Fungus on the plant The fungus in nature, the task of reducing absterbendes life. He joins the Crop up when immature manure compost or animal unverkompostierte Body substances such as horn and bone chips, etc. applied, but also when the Seeds were harvested in unfavorable situations. By Rudolf Steiner: "If the Moon forces on Earth are too strong ... ". (1) One can then tea Horsetail cook and inject the ground so that where infested plants stand. Then the fungus level is brought down from the plant into the ground, where it namely belongs. Contribute to the recovery of the plant can, if one nettle leaves on the injected. The assimilation is promoted and encouraged a good Durchsaftung, then disappear the fungi.

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