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Interpretation of navamsa chart

The spiritual essence of a horoscope lies in its navamsa chart. The sub-divisions of a planetary sign (the sign inhabited by a given planet) have a direct collocation with various phases of his life which in turn has a direct bearing on his spiritual character. Certain underlying principles guide the interpretation of Navamsa. The nine fold divisions are guided by different lords. The lords of first, fourth and seventh navamsa are of divine significance. The lords of second, fifth and eighth denote spiritual reputation and kindness; whereas the lords of third, sixth and ninth are demonic in significance. 'Pushkaramasha' is the most auspicious element of a navamsa. Each zodiac rashi or sign has two Pushkara navamsa. Thus with a sum total of twelve rashis or signs, there are twenty four Pushkara Navamshas. The peculiarity of this lies in the fact that they are owned by beneficial planets. Consequently, such planets during their tenure ship bestow on the concerned individual abundance of wealth, riches and progress. This is particularly true of Jupiter. The concerned planet in 'pushkara' blesses the native with wealth and good prospects. The fifth house of navamsha chart indicates the spiritual self of a person. One needs to have a look at the placement of sun and its friendly planets to find out to what extent the efforts of one's good will and action may bear fruits. On the other hand, the rising ascendant or lagna, its lord and the third house have direct connection with the elements of patience and endurance. Similarly, the rising lord, the seventh house and its lord, Venus and its friendly bodies have a direct bearing on ones better half. The third house and is lords are associated with overseas settlement and disease. The combined features of the third, seventh, ninth and the twelfth house together with the respective placement of their lords signify overseas travel. Likewise the 'lagna' its lord, the sixth lord and ketu are linked with diseases whereas 'rahu' and its transit have a link with the curability of diseases. The planet of the ascending sign and its lord should not ideally occupy the sixth, eighth and twelfth places in a navamsa. The given locations make for their afflictions leading to anxieties and trouble during their tenureship.

Navamsa predictions
Planets weakly positioned in natal chart but heightened in navamsa are supposed to produce favorable results. The reverse is also true. Planets or aspects denoted by those planets should be equal in strength in both the natal and navamsa chart so as to produce the desired result. Planets strengthened in navamsa chart are supposed to be thrice more powerful than that in natal chart. A planet occupying the same place in birth as well as that of the navamsha chart is supposed to be very powerful. Thus prediction should always be made in context of the navamsha, birth chart and that showing the transitory phases of various planets. The chart is particularly helpful in spheres of marriage, mental matching with one's spouse. It also helps to predict the time of marriage and how delays can be overcome.

Effects of Navamsa
Analysis of a given Navamsa chart testifies to the general prospects and dispositions of one's life. The ascendant sign and its respective lord bare testimony to the native's colour shape, general nature and the overall mental makeup. Moon's Navamsa and that of its ascendant lord usually determine a native's physical look. Transitory effects of moon in the context of one's birth chart

and that of his Navamsa has profound bearing on his nature. The entire set of Navamsa has its prolific bearing on individual's physical features and that of his innate disposition. Thus houses of a birth chart should be correlated to that of his Navamsa. Conjunction or opposition of planets should be given due priority for predicting results.

Yogi, Avayogi and Dugdha Rasis A New Concept in Predictive Astrology by Dr T S Vasan

In predictive Astrology there are thousands of combinations and rules which one has to master and specialize in order to get proficiency while giving predictions. Since there are many missing links and pitfalls, the general rules of this Science make even sincere Astrologer stumble and miss the target. In order to hit the bulls eye and to become more successful in the art of prediction the late Sri H R Seshadri Iyer of Bangalore has found out certain very important secrets in the oriental Nadi writings of the past. According to this concept one should calculate Yogi, Avayogi and Dugdha Rasis before embarking on making any specific predictions. Then what is this Yogi and how to find the same and what is this Avayogi and methods to find the same? There are 27 yogas which are called Nitya Yogas from Vishkambha to Vaidhriti. Yoga is one of the limbs of the day in Panchanga. Yoga means addition and Tithi means reduction. If you add the longitudes of the Sun and the Moon you get the yoga whereas if you deduct the longitude of the Sun from that of the Moon you will get Tithi. This Tithi is yet another limb of the day. According to the Nadi principles all the limbs of the day, i.e. Vara, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana have great significance while interpreting the horoscope. In our classical study of this Science we have understood that the addition of the longitude of the Sun and the Moon will give a Nakshatra and this Nakshatra is counted from Ashwini to know the number of the yoga. For example if the Moon's Longitude is Bharani and since the number of the star from ashwini is 2 the yoga is 2nd yoga called Preeti. But the Nadi principle departs far from this principle and says that the Yoga number has to be counted from Pushya instead of Ashwini is summed up as follows: Take the longitude of the Sun and the Moon plus add constant figure 3s-3-20' (which is the starting point of Pushya Star and it is taken as first star of Vishkumbha and succeeding stars get the respective yogas). In other words the Nakshatra which we get after adding the longitude of the Sun, the Moon plus 3 signs 3 degrees and 20 minutes, should be counted from Pushya and the number gives the number of yoga. The star lord of that yoga is called as yogi and the 6th stellar lord from this yoga star is called as Avayogi. These two planets i.e. Yogi and Avayogi play a very important role in predictive system of Hindu Astrology. I even go further and say

that it is a worthy breakthrough in predictive systems. Now you have to understand some more factors in understanding this system of analysis. The lord of the house wherein the yoga point falls is called as Saha Yogi (supporting planet to Yogi) and the nine planets fall in 3 planetary groups such as Guru, Chandra and Ketu (1), Surya, Budha and Rahu (2), and Shani Shukra and Kuja (3). It is for us to know in which planetary group the yogi planet falls. If the yogi planet falls in this group the other planets of that group become yoga like planets. The second group of planets will become will become Avayoga group and the third group becomes a Neutral group. In the same way if the yogi planet falls in 2nd group the 3rd group of planets become avayoga group of planets and vice versa and other group becomes neutral group. In our next step of understanding we have to scrutinise that how many planets are in Yogi Nakshatras and in the yoga group of planetary stars and how many planets are in Avayogi star and avayogi group of planetary stars. The remaining planets we know will fall in neutral stars. Among the yoga group of planets, yogi planetary star will have always strong influence and value and other planetary influences will be moderate. In the same way avayogi planetary star will have a strong influence when compared to the stars of avayoga planetary group of stars. Bhava lords who occupy avayoga stars will have lot of obstacles to give good results whereas Bhavadhipatis occupying yoga stars will flourish very well if there are no afflictions. But they are very strong when compared to avayoga planetary positions. Therefore we have to look into the stellar lords while reading the horoscope. The Rasi position of planets are Sthoola (general) whereas stellar positions are Sookshmas (specific). In addition to the above yogi and avayogi principles, one should know the houses that are burnt depending on the tithi of birth. The following table gives the Rasis which are burnt according to tithi. Tithis and Dugdha Rasis 1st: Tula,Makara 2nd: Dhanu,Meena 3rd: Simha,Makara 4th: Vrishabha,Kumbha 5th: Mithuna,Kanya 6th: Mesha,Simha, 7th: Karka,Dhanu 8th: Mithuna,Kanya 9th: Simha, Vrishchika, 10th: Simha, Vrishchika, 11th: Dhanu,Meena 12th: Tula,Makara 13th: Vrishabha,Simha 14th: Mithuna,Kanya,Dhanu,Meena

The planets occupying Dugdha Rasis will become weak and ineffective to give good results. The redeeming features for this Dugdha Rasi planet are as follows: 1. If the planets occupying Dugdha Rasis are retrograde they can survive the bad effects of Dugdha Rasi. 2. If a Dugdha Rasi lord sits in the same Rasi or in another Dugdha Rasi he will have no bad effects of Dugdha Rasi. 3. If Guru aspects Dugdha Rasi it can mitigate the bad influence of Dugdha Rasi to that Bhava or Rasi. 4. If the Dugdha Rasi lord aspects Dugdha Rasi it will have some strength. There are no dugdha rasi for Poornima and Amavasya. The principles of Yoga, Avayoga should be studied along with other principles of Parasara School. Avayoga Grahas should have bad Jurisdiction and should occupy bad houses whereas yoga Grahas should have good houses and should occupy good bhavas.

IMPACT OF TRIMASA and female horoscopes FEMALE HOROSCOPES According to Sage Prashar all the effects which have been described in astrology and for horoscopes all are applied to females also. The physical appearance of lady should be determined from the Ascendant just similar to males but fortune and longevity of husband must be analyzed 7th and 8th house therefore in case of Manglik lady a lot of care has to be taken. It is the reason that grand parent disorder generally never comes to female and it usually get transferred to male child as Mars in the horoscope of a lady usually act as impacting planet to the males related to her. We are not aware how much weight medicine gives it but in Vedic Text females has been blessed with a cosmic shield against the malefic impact of malefic planet which can impact a male but not a female. Genetic disorders or health problem are usually part of it. it is also seen that if some malefic impact is there then it can go up to 3 generations. Similarly widowhood, genial problem etc also propagates like wise. And those effects which are impossible to be characterized to the female, must be declared to be applicable to her husband.In Brihat Jataka of Sage Varha Mihir it is said that the effects which had been described for male horoscopes, if all those that are found in female horoscopes, suitable to females should be declared as applicable to them alone, and the rest should be ascribed to their husbands. The problem and longevity of the husband is to be deduced through the 8th place, from the Ascendant or the Moon whichever is stronger. Matters relating to her appearance, beauty etc. should be determined from the Ascendant and the sign occupied by the Moon. From the 7th place, from the Ascendant or the Moon which ever is stronger, her welfare or happiness and the nature of the husband should be established. Similarly Sage Mantrewara's Phaldeepika it is mentioned that the effects, which are declared for men, they entirely applicable to women too. The

woman's prosperity and happiness have to be decide from the 8th place and children should be declared from the 9th house and matters relating to her appearance, beauty etc., should be determined from the Ascendant. From the 7th place that her welfare, power of influencing her husband and the nature of the husband should be determined. Good planets in these houses produce good results but other planets and certain combination tells about stress in her life which can be of the much aggressive nature then the impact seen in normal horoscope.It is one of the most important as well as sensitive segment of Vedic astrology to which we wish to like to share with the visitor of Vedalink's family site. In Vedic astrology, whatever effects may accrue from the horoscopes of females that are applicable only to men, and most of them are impacting husband or family life only. The good and other impact must be calculated from the Moon or the Ascendant whichever of them is stronger. Stronger means comparing them in 16 charts, and which ever getting more time better house or friend house or exalted house is known as stronger. From the present package, which is giving you the free horoscope and 21 charts, you can easily identify it, for your help the comparison chart is also provided in the package. From the 7th house from the Ascendant or the Moon one can identify the happiness and the 8th house from it can identify the most hurting event in a female life. All this should be well analyzed and duly by the strength or weakness of the planets, benefic and malefic, before an announcement is made, of the Ascendant and the Moon, find which is stronger. Many astrologers has opinion that the well being or the reverses of the husband can be determined from the 9th Bhava. Some holds that the widowhood is found out through, the 8th Bhava; and the placement of lord of 8th house in 7th house or vice verse are the major component makes such disasters in lady's life. One of the very famous astrologer of modern age namely Shri V. subrahmanya Sastry, from the southern part of India described it in more specific manner by dividing the views in three parts. These parts are (1) Impacts which are to be applied to women.(2) Impacts which are concerning to men alone(3) Impacts which are applied to both.Suppose for instance that there is Adhi Yoga found in ladies horoscope and is not in husband horoscope then Adhi yoga losses its impact on ladies life. As it is related to family hence contribution of male planets impacts it more. So in the transit of time of 6 years when stars of both get mixed with each other then the husband use to get the impact of the yoga of wife's horoscope. Same is applicable to friends of opposite sex, it is much related to moon and moon is more related to sense of security or caring duly felt by the person. We think that as now social status has been changed but certain impacts still standing as it is, and we have seen that such impacts acts and many ladies gets lessor result in life compare to their stars. We admit that in present scenario the females has taken up various kinds of occupation and holding high positions and posts of responsibility. They are also occupying high political positions. Such women are not dependent on their husbands or parents. But as far as the sensing the glimpse of Venus and Moon is concern it still same. More over it is also seen that if a female has very high or king kind of yoga in her chart then it use to give her fame out side as well as in home dominating impact. Due to the

same reason she use to get a person whose planets are much weaker to her and such person can not absorb the glitter of her planets. Usually such persons are almost isolated of very cool in nature. According to one yoga, if a lady is born in day time and her ascendant and moon are in at Odd sign then she is recognized as a blessed lady with a lot of potential and also get the blessing of domestic harmony. But such ladies are masculine in form and bearing also hence they are much short tempered and use to have much control on others. Similarly if the birth is in night and her Ascendant and Moon are in even signs, then such lady use to get blessing of a lot of excellent qualities, be of loyal character, beautiful and physically fit. If between Ascendant or the Moon, one is in even sign and the other is in odd sign then such woman concerned are usually have the tough determination and also have much habits like males. ...Mananacharya IMPACT OF TRIMASA Trimasa is the Chart related to misries and happiness, which are much concerned to ladies as Navamsha is considered for general public. It is holding key of getting knowledge about the female horoscope and without reading or knowing Trimasa chart it is not possible to understand the fate of a lady. The impact of Trimasa, which has been described by Sage of Vedic astrology, in brief the analysis is as under (we can not give the exact translation as Sage has used much clear words and same is not advised to say in open).If a lady is born:-When the Ascendant or the Moon (whichever is stronger) is in a sign of Aries or Scorpio and:-a. Trimsamsa is of either, Aries or Scorpio is there, then she use to have, very free life before marriage. b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra or the Zodiac in which Venus is placed in Rashi Chart then she enjoys much pleasure before marriage.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo is rising, then she will be full of cunning and adept in enchantment.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces is rising then she will be worthy and virtuous.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius is rising then, she will be modest or restricted.When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Gemini or Virgo and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio, she will be very moderate and a hard worker.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra is rising then she must be having good qualities.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be very cold in making love but found of talking.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be owner of pure soul.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be a very much hiding lady.When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Taurus or Libra and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio is rising then, she would have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra then she is very nice and possesses excellent qualities.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, then she will be skilled in all the arts.d. Trimasa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.e. Trimasa of Capricorn or Aquarius gives chances of more then one marriage.When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Cancer and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Scorpio then she will be self-willed and uncontrolled.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus then she will be self-skilled in arts and handwork.c. Trimsamsa of Virgo, she will be gifted with all excellent technical work,d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter, she will be

owner of a saint qualities.e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she may get separation or more then one marriage.When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Leo, and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries then she will be very talkative,b. Trimsamsa of Gemini then she will be virtuous features c. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be pure and virtuous d. Trimsamsa of Saturn then she must have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.When the Ascendant or Moon is in Sagittarius or in Pisces and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio then will be endowed with many good qualities.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra, she will be holy.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be well versed in many sciences.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be very cold or will be highly free.When the Ascendant or Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Mars then she will be a working lady but will be very proud. b. Trimsamsa of Venus then she will be learned but fruitless.c. Trimsamsa of Mercury then she will be cruel and immoral. d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be devoted to her husband.e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she will be very free and will have relations with servants.

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra":Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra":"Karya means wish or act. Siddhi means realizing. Karya Siddhi Hanuman is one who fulfills your wishes". Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra Tvamasmin Kaarya Nirvahey Pramaanam Hari Sattama Tasaya Chinta yato yatno Dukha Kshaya Karo Bhavet. It means "O" Hanuman, Please put Efforts and Remove my Sadness, Affliction, Difficulties It is to be recited facing east preferably beneath a peepal tree( it can be recited at your home also) Mantra to be recited for minimum 11 times for best results 108 times.

estroy negative energy with this hanumaan mantra. Shri Hanuman Mantra Artist: Hemant Chahan II Om Namo Hanumate Bhaybhanjanaya Sukham Kuru Phat Swaha II This mantra is a negative energy destroyer. When reciting this repeatingly one prays that '' Hey Lord Hanuman vanish the fear from our minds and bless us so that we may be happy and fix our problems

Aries-Mesh 1. Om Vishnave Namah 2.Om kleem shreem lakshminarayana namaha Taurus-Vrashab 1. Om Vasudevaya Namah 2.Om gopalay uttar dhvajai namah Gemini-Mithun 1.Om Keshavaya Namah 2.Om kleem krshnai namaha Cancer -Kark 1. Om Radha-Krishnaya Namah 2.Om hiranyagarbhai avyakt rupane namaha Leo -Singha 1. Om Hariharaya Balamukundaya Namah 2.Om kleem brahmane jagadadharai namaha Virgo -Knya 1. Om Hrim Pitambaraya Paramatmane Namah 2.Om namaha peem pitambarai namaha Libra -Tula 1. Om Sri Ram Dasrathaye Namah 2.Om tatva niranjanai tarak ramai namaha Scorpio -Vrshchik 1. Om Narayanaya Namah Om Naraya Namah 2.Om naranaya sur singhai namaha Sagittarius -Dhanu 1. Om Hrim Shrim Krim Dharani Dharaya Namah 2.Om shreem dev krshnai urdhva dantai namaha Capricorn -Makar 1.Om Shrim Vatsalaya Namaha 2.Om shreem vtsalai namaha Aquarius - Kumbh 1.Om Shri Upendraya Achyutaya Namah, Om Krim Govinda-Gopalaya Namah, 2.Om shreem upendrai achyutai namaha Pisces -Meen 1. Om Krim Rathanga - Chakraya Namah 2.Om aam kleem udhvatai

Astrology of Asthma

What Is Asthma?
Asthma (AZ-ma) is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or early in the morning. Asthma affects people of all ages, but it most often starts during childhood.

Asthma has no cure. Even when you feel fine, you still have the disease and it can flare up at any time. However, with today's knowledge and treatments, most people who have asthma are able to manage the disease. They have few, if any, symptoms. They can live normal, active lives and sleep through the night without interruption from asthma.

If you have asthma, you can take an active role in managing the disease.

Respirator y System

The respiratory system supplies oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide.

Lungs, larynx, pharynx, trachea, bronchi ASSOCIATED PLANET: MERCURY

The brain monitors respiratory volume and blood gas levels. The brain regulates respiratory rate.


MERCURY Mental functions, creativity, collar bones, breathing & even blinking


MOON Heart, Lungs, water retention, blood flow, digestive motion, and cellular moisture


MERCURY Governs mental functions, breathing, navel bones and lower abdomen




Plays most important role in bone density, distribution of calcium & fortifying vitamins, shanks & breathing





Vata (Wind) Air and Akasha

Prana Vata Udana Vata Samana Vata Vyana Vata

Chest region Thoracic and throat region Hearth and navel region Hearth and circulatory vessels Pelvic region

Apana Vata

Pitta (Bile) Fire and

Pachaka Pitta Liver and pancreas

Water Ranjaka Pitta Liver and spleen

Sadhaka Pitta Hearth Alochaka Pitta Eyes Bhrajaka Pitta Skin

Kapha (Mucus)

Water and Earth

Kledaka Kapha Avalambaka Kapha Bodhaka Kapha Tarpaka Kapha Sleshaka Kapha

Stomach Hearth, chest and lower back regions Mouth, Tongue and throat

Head (cerebrospinal fluid)


In medical astrology, various ailments and body parts are ruled by different planets, signs, and houses. The lungs, for example, relate to Mercury, Gemini, and/or the 3rd house. Asthma relates to them also, as well as (secondarily) to the moon and Cancer. Generally an affliction to the rulers, especially amongst them if there is more than one, tells the story.

Asthma---Pointers in a birth chart If the Karaka of a house is in the 6th house Associated with Saturn and Rahu, the native suffers From a chronic disease indicated by the house in Question. Planets: Saturn, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. Houses in Birth Chart: 4th House from Lagna

Leo Simha; Gemini Mithuna; Libra Thula; Aquarius Kumba.

Moon: Cold and cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Nervous debility Mercury: Disease related to heart and lung

Planet Saturn could cause this disease as he governs breathing 4th House from Lagna and/or House Leo Simha being 5th house of Zodiac, to be studied for any ailment due to breathing. s leo rules over heart, spinal and Arota. House Leo is said to play important for lead in tracing this disease. Saturn is responsible to cause worst and chronic disease. When Saturn with its 3rd, 7th or 10 th aspect afflicts the 4th house (4th house from Lagna house) or Leo, the natal of that birth chart will have the disease. It is an incurable and irksome disease. 4th house in a birth chart rules over heart, chest and lungs. Moon governs the heart. Leo is a fiery and hot sign owned by Sun. If any fiery or hot Planet like Mars is positioned in Leo, could indicate the presence of this disease. Then, Mercury rules over Nerves. If Mercury is positioned in Leo in birth chart, heart troubles due to nervous disorders is bound to occur. This could cause asthmatic tendencies.. Jupiter rules over Liver and Lungs. When Jupiter afflicts in Leo, asthma as well as pleurisy is likely to occur. However affliction and cause due to above by Saturn will be the main pointer for this disease. Further, Mars Mercury and Sun in the 6th house of Moon could also be the reason to indicate respiratory system troubles and asthma.

Mars is a fiery planet and when afflicted in Leo, it causes overheating of the blood, produces

animals heat in the body and gives heart-pain, suffocation, fainting. Mercury rules over our nerves and if it is in Leo, he gives heart-troubles due to nervous disorders, and causes asthmatic tendencies.

The fourth house in a birth-chart rules over the heart, chest and lungs. It is said that Moon governs the heart. The fifth house of the zodiac i.e. Leo plays a great part in causing this disease. It is also confirmed that Leo rules the heart, spinal cord and aorta. The sign Leo is a fiery and hot sign and if any fiery or hot planets be posited at the birth-chart in Leo, the native will come across asthmatic tendencies. Saturn governs our breath and so he may be regarded as the main planet causing asthma, as in asthma, breathing difficulty causes much trouble. When Saturn afflicts the 5th house of the Zodiac i.e. Leo, the person becomes liable for bronchial or asthmatic attacks. Saturn is an obstructive planet by nature and when he afflicts any planet in Leo, he acts as a retarding influence impeding the circulation of blood to and from the heart. Saturn, being a regarding influence prevents elimination of wastes from the body and clogs the system.

Sixth lord sign is cancer and is afflicted by rahu while its dispositor is Saturn the significator of all chronic diseases it is also lord of ascendent and 12th house and is significator of prana vayu or breathing as well.Sixth lord moon conjunct the rahu is aspected by Mars from 8th house,while 8th lord is combust in a maraka house .Sun, venus and mercury lend an aspect to ascendent.Sixth lord moon is in nakshatra of saturn the MD lord while Ad lord venus is in nakshatra of ketu .Venus also lords over 4th house of the horoscope significator of lungs so the dasha sequence of saturn -venus operating from birth itself leads to the disease.

On Marital Happiness by Dr R S L Srivastava

MARITAL alliance has the sanction of nature. The affection between mother and son, brother and sister, husband and wife, is the offshoot of nature's law. Any attempt to interfere with this law is fraught with dangerous consequences for the human race. Imagine what would happen to our world if mutual hatred developed on a mass scale between men and women! This can happen in those human societies which drift away from nature and live an artificial life. Hinduism, as it has been practiced for thousands of years, is a way of life that is closest to natural living. Consequently it has survived all the onslaughts on it and fathered very many sects. It permits an individual to live his life according to his own conviction and faith. The prescription of age of marriage for the girl and the boy calls for a deeper examination. It is claimed that the age of 18 years for the girl and 21 years for the boy are prescribed on medical grounds. Yet, in the climate of our country girls become capable of producing a child at the age 14-15 years. Abhimanyu had sown the seed for the birth of Parikshit even while he was under sixteen years in age. Thus, there is nothing sacrosanct or scientific in prescribing the above ages for marriage. A scientific approach to the solution of this problem would be that both the boy and the girl should go in for medical check up before entering into matrimonial alliance or, for that matter, consummating their marriage. In the past, tallying the birth charts of the boy and the girl played a decisive role in fixing arranged marriages. This was done by the family priest-astrologer whose opinion was final. Other considerations were secondary. Physical fitness, mental qualities, heredity, sexual compatibility, social and economic status were the main factors kept in view. The charts were examined from the point of view of longevity of the bride and the bride groom, their character, progeny and financial prosperity. The guiding principle was to ensure that good points indicated in one chart were not cancelled by the bad ones in the other chart while the evil indications in one were reduced by good factors in the other as far as possible. Elaborate rules depending on various kutas were employed in matching the two horoscopes.

I would suggest that it is not enough to match kutas. the role of the malefic Grahas viz. the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu should be carefully examined in the two charts. Below are given some adverse combinations. Widowhood: Rahu posited in the sign of Aries or Scorpio ruled by Mars or occupying the 7th, 8th or 12th house. In the bridegroom's chart, if Rahu occupies the 7th house, the bride might suffer continuous ill health. If the ruler of the 7th house is in the 8th house and the lord of the latter is posited in the 7th house joined or aspected by malefic Grahas, the bride would be widowed. The same would be the result if lords of the 7th and 8th houses occupying the 6th or the 12th house with malefics. The bride might become widow in the 8th year if the Moon is posited in the 6th or 8th house. When Mars is posited in the 7th or the 8th house with malefics, widowhood is indicated. Malefic Grahas in girl's chart posited in the 7th house are not conducive for happy married life. Poverty: The Sun and Mars posited in Cancer in the 7th house indicate poverty. Similar result occurs when 12th lord is posited in the ascendant and the ascendant lord is in the 12th house. Exchange of the 11th and 12th lords is also not conducive for financial savings. Children: The Sun posited in the 7th house in a fiery sign makes the girl barren. She may be neglected by her husband. Jupiter or Venus occupying the 8th house may cause miscarriages. If the ascendant is Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius; the Moon is joined by Venus and aspected by malefics, the woman is incapable of conception. 5th house vitiated by three malefics by occupation or aspect and devoid of Jupiter's influence makes both husband and wife incapable of producing a child. Adultery: When ascendant and the Moon are both in moveable signs, strong malefics are posited in Kendra, not with benefics. Jupiter and Venus occupy common signs and do not aspect malefics, the girl may not be faithful to her husband. If both the ascendant and the Moon fall in moveable signs and also the ascendant lord, chastity of the girl becomes doubtful. Conjunction of Mars and Venus or their mutual aspect raises doubts about the character of both the bride and the bridegroom. If the ascendant in the girl's chart falls in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius with Venus or the Moon posited in the ascendant, or Saturn occupies the 7th house, or Mars happens to be in the 8th house, the chastity of the girl becomes doubtful. The Sun's position in the 8th house in the girl's chart is also not desirable. The marital alliance is not compatible if Kuja Dosha is present in one chart and absent in the other unless it gets cancelled due to other factors. Such an alliance brings unhappiness and separation.It must be emphasized that the bad features described above get eliminated under Jupiter's benign influences. For example, if 7th house is occupied by Mars who is aspected by Jupiter, then the couple get every happiness. In this yoga even the Kuja Dosha gets cancelled. When the Moon joins Jupiter or Mercury, many Doshas get eliminated. Therefore, in matching the two charts the role of benefic planets must be kept in mind. The role of Rahu is invariably dubious. Usually, he harms the Karakatva of the house in which he is posited and yields results of the Grahas whose Rasi he occupies. Still Rahu can give prosperity and success during his period and sub-period when posited in the 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th house. In many charts, I have noticed Rahu causing mental problems when posited in the ascendant; abortions or unhappiness from some child when he is in the 5th house; late and unhappy marriage when he is in the 7th house.

Thus, under the above description 10th house seems to be the desirable place for Rahu's position. In the 11th house also he yields favourable results, especially in the signs of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Virgo. Rahu loses much of his evil effect when posited in the 12th house from the Moon. If the 7th and 8th houses, both from the ascendant and the Moon are free from malefic influence, one could expect marital happiness for the girl, provided the Kutas tally well. Otherwise suitable remedial measures should be taken by propitiating the Grahas at the time of marriage.

Yogi, Avayogi
Dear sri Raghunatha Rao and Sunil, Sri Sathiyanarayana Gupta have simply and beautifully explained about calculation of Yogi and Avyogi. I give other useful details about related taught by Sri iyer and Sri Swee . Once yogi and Avyogi points are calculated as per mail from Sri Sathiyanarayan Gupta,please find out A. Nakshatra where yogi point falls.The ruler of this Nakshatra is called Yogi planet.It is different from parashar yoga planet. B. Nakshatra where Avyogi point falls. The ruler of this Nakshatra is called Avyogi planet. C. Rasi lord where Yogi point falls is Duplicate yogi. Please note Avayogi calculation taught by Shri Swee is slightly different. Repeat [Yog point is sun+moon +93d20 M reduce multiple of 360 and say it is yogi point.called YP Avyogi point is [YP+6 sign 6 d 40 M ] say Avyohgi point AVP There is negative for every positive.Following are Avayogi for each yogi planet. Sun >Sani : Moon > Budha : Kuja > Ketu : Budha > Kuja : Guru > SUN :Sukra > Guru Sani > Moon : Rahu > Sukra : Ketu > Rahu . Triple set of planets Ketu,Moon and Guru / Sukra, Kuja and Sani / Sun , Rahu and Budha . Judgement is based on mathematically formulae +X+=+ +X--= -- and so on . Four formulae are laid down by sri Iyer Positive planet in Positive Bhava or Rasi Or Star becomes Positive. Positive planet in Negative Bhava or Rasi or Star become Negative Negative planet in Negative Bhava or Rasi Or star becomes positive Negative Planets in Positive Bhava or rasi or Star becomes Negative He defined Positive rasi Own house Negative Rasi Zero rasi or house of debilitation Positive Bhavas I II IV V VII IX X XI Negative Bhavas III VI VIII XII Positive planets Lords of negative Bhavas, Lords Of Zero- Rasis, Birth Avayogi, Rahu and Ketu

Positive Stars Stars of Positive planets Negative Stars Stars of Negative Planets. However Mr Swee has given very useful seven principlas . I saw on some web site i do not remember. But they were something like below. 1 Asc degree falls in Nakshatra of YOGI Point { span of nakahatra where yogi point is } The native is likly to have material prosperity. It is better if Yogi is strong and well placed. 2Asc degree falls in Nakshatra of AVGI Point { span of nakahatra where Avgi point is } The native is likly to have material adversity.. It is worst if Yogi is strong . 3 Similar will be the case if Yogi planet is placed in ASC.Strengith and placement will add to the propensity. 4. Similar will be the case if Avyogi Planet is placed in ASc.It will give poverty.Propensity will increase if Avayogi is strong. 5. It is good if Yogi planet is lord of Asc too and is well placed/ strong 6. It is bad if Avyogi planet is lord of ASC and strong . Lastly Mr Swee Teaches A connection/ Relationship between Yogi and Duplicate yogi By conjunction, mutual aspect creates yoga for prosperity. A simple analysis on Mr swee principle coupled with Indu lagna gives good guidence about prosperity. Lastly. other two points are about. 3) Duplicate Yogi, how to find in JHora4) How to find the Dagdha Rasis in JHora.Duplicate yogi is covered. What is Dagdha Rasi . How to find in J hora? Exaclty i am not sure but it is what my notes say,when i started in 1970 with Janmbhoomi panchang digdarsika. Except on full moon and new moon days every Thithi has atleast two Rasis that Mr Iyer called Dagdha or Burnt ones He also named these Zero rasi. He also taught That Bhavas connoted by them , their lords and planets in these rasis loose their power , UNLESS Retrograde. It is a Vital Principal. I could not find Vol i Of Mr Iyers Book where he has explained dagdha rasi in chapter 1 However there are sun Dagdha and moon dagdha rasis in scripture but his comments indicates something i miss about it. Hope Mr Swee or some guru/student will come forward and correct my understanding. Tithi 2 has Sagg and Pisc as dadgdh Rasi. Thithi 4 has Taru and Aqua as dadgdh Rasi Tithi 6 has Aries and cancer as dadgdh Rasi Thithi 8 has gemini and virgoas dadgdh Rasi Thithi 10 has Leo and Scorpio as as dadgdh Rasi Thithi 12 has Capri and Libra as dadgdh RasiThe above are SUN daghdaha Thithi .

Lastly For sunil It seems you have downloaded Digital jyotish Demo Many good charts are available on that website .Try download and import them from saved directory u can enjoy Iyers Technique in unique way along with trial of Starter Dsaa chart and rulers. Hope information is helpful to some others too. RCS Tue, 26 Oct 2004 10:43:47 -0700 (PDT) Sathiyanarayana Gupta <gupta816 >Re: Yogi, AvayogiDear Sarvashree.Sunil John & RaghunathaRao, Formula for calculating yogi and avayogi points:The sum total of the nirayana Longitudes of the Sun , Moon + 93'.20" = Yoga point, if 180' added to it you will get Avayogi point .Hope I got you the answer Tue, 26 Oct 2004 09:54:24 -0700 (PDT) Sunil John <jjnet2000_in >Starters & Rulers: Iyer's techniquesNamaste,I think very few softwares follow Iyer's revolutionary techniques of yogi, avayogi (I hear Sri Jyoti Star gives yogi points), lets hope that some software implements "the Starter" & "Ruler" calculations as propounded by Iyer , I can't even grasp how to calculate all this least the technique, a software must come in the market for this & only then we of the current generation can truly find out of his techniques worked. Does anyone have the birth chart of Seshadiri Iyer. SJ Hare Rama Krishna Namaste Gurus and Learned Members, I am studying on the Yogi, AvaYogi, Duplicate Yogi and Dagdha Rasi's and it is taking time for me to calculate for every chart I am using to see the principles. So I have done a bit of research and found the following patterns. Please correct me if I am wrong here from the JHora Ver 6 point of View. 1) Yogi is nothing but the Yoga lord in JHora2) Avayogi is the 6th planet from the Yoga Lord in the V-Dasa System JHora.3) Duplicate Yogi, how to find in JHora4) How to find the Dagdha Rasis in JHora. Please let me know whether the point 1 and 2 of the above observations are correct and also let me know how to find the point 3 and 4 from the above. Thanks for your help in advance as this is help me focus on analysis rather than the calcualtion part. RegardsRaghunatha Rao Attachment: (application/octet-stream) Clear Day Bkgrd.JPG [not stored] Attachment: vcard [not shown]