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Divya Vig Rah

Divya Vig Rah

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Published by: Samrat Vikramaditya on Oct 04, 2013
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198502823547016&type=1&re levant_count=1&ref=nf BY MAIL: Startling CIA findings on Longevity & Hindu Spiritualism: Sure to make you feel thrilled The CIA should come clean about this experiment. The veil of secrecy should be lifted and the world should be told the truth. I have picked up this story from elsewhere on the net. The loss of a small 47 gm ancient Hindu brass-like metal idol of extreme antiquity called the Kalpa Vigraha has caused the American Central Intelligence Agency considerable anxiety. This unusual disclosure was made recently by a retired CIA agent on condition of absolute anonymity. Firstly, what was the importance of this idol; what was the CIA doing with an ancient Hindu relic; and why the angst? The story begins almost half a century ago. A heavy chest containing the idol was reportedly given to CIA officials for safekeeping at Lo Monthang (called "Mustang" in CIA files) by a Tibetan monk accompanied by Khampa bodyguards sometime in 195960. The monk apparently related to the CIA officials the importance of the chest and its contents. A curious CIA official meticulously wrote down the details of what the Buddhist monk told them about the chest and its contents. Why he thought it important to record the Buddhist monk's story is anybody's guess. But it also appears that the Americans were initially not quite impressed with the quaint values attached to objects of Oriental worship at that time when their priority was conducting a guerrilla war against the Chinese forces advancing into Tibet. In the same week that the CIA officials received the chest a skirmish erupted with Chinese forces in which the Tibetan monk and his guards were killed. The CIA officials not knowing what to make of the curious chest loaded it onto an aircraft and had it sent to a secret airbase in India, later transporting it to Camp Hale, a now-abandoned Army base near Vail, Colorado. A few weeks later the chest wound up at a CIA store-room in Washington DC labeled "ST Circus Mustang-0183". Many months would elapse before someone in the CIA decided to take an interest in the chest and its contents. A strange manuscript found inside and the unusually age-worn chest coupled with its noticeably unique design prompted them to conduct a radiocarbon test of the timber with which the chest was made. The results given to them by the University of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley astounded the CIA officials. The antiquity of the worn-out wooden chest and the idol was mind-boggling to say the least. It did not belong to this "yuga" or epoch on the Hindu time scale just as the monk had claimed. That is to say, it belonged to a period called the Dwapara Yuga, making it the oldest human artifact in existence. Radiocarbon (C14) dating conducted by the University

In fact it reportedly took two long years to decipher.Egyptian. Around its neck was a string of beads. the metal casing held well. and about 23." The Kalpa Vigraha is a small crude brass idol weighing about 47. The metal plate appears to have been riveted into the teakwood with nails of some similar metal alloy. The teak-wood timber was further protected by a 1-inch thick bronze-like alloy plate on all sides which despite severe external corrosion had preserved the teak-wood of the box to a fair extent. Mesopotamian or Indus Valley existed before 6000 years ago. though scrape-marks from attempts made to clean the corrosion on the outside were visible.10 gms depicting a deity resembling the Hindu god Shiva kneeling or seated on one knee. with an oval base 2.7 cms wide.5 cms long and 1. The chest itself presented a curiosity. but not quite anything any archaeologist or historian had ever encountered before. The UCRL's records were impounded by the CIA and a shroud of silence was cast over all matters regarding the chest and the Hindu idol. events surrounding the Kalpa Vigraha suddenly took a mysterious turn. The metal formed three "loops" on one side caused by the snake.450 years old today. In the right hand of the figure was a discus or circular weapon. an arm holding a conch-shell and the discus."kalpa maha-ayusham rasayana vigraha" abbreviated in CIA files to "Kalpa Vigraha. The manuscript appeared to be something akin to Sanskrit. though some degree of natural oxidation and decay was noticed in the contents of the chest which included a manuscript written on wooden slats and the small brass-like crude metal idol. But following the translation of the manuscript. They concluded that the language belonged to the proto-historic period of Hinduism when it was thought no language existed and that the Vedas were being passed down orally.of California Radiation Laboratory on the heavy 9-inch thick timber sides and lid of the chest in which it was discovered arrived at readings that indicated a period around 26. The idol was also tested by experts who concluded that it was the oldest Hindu idol in existence. Though many rivets were missing. perhaps the "sudharshan-chakra" of Hindu mythology.7 cms wide.3 cm tall and about 4. There was no doubt the small statue was of some extreme importance to have been preserved with such care in a chest of such strength and durability. as the space within the box was barely 8 X 8 X 8 inches while the timber pieces used to construct all its five sides was about 8 inches thick each! The timber of which the lid of the chest was made also measured about 6 inches in thickness. Corrosive salts or dampness had not crept into the chest despite its age. The appearance of the chest suggested that it might have lain buried for a considerable period of time. It measured about 5. "ST . employing experts including some Indian and Nepalese. The manuscript mentioned the name of the idol . a serpant's hood forming a canopy above the head of the idol.450 BCE. The Kalpa Vigraha idol was reportedly found placed inside this heavy metal-lined wooden chest with a socket-and-pivot hinged lid and an ancient loop-and-rod lock assembly.300 years older than the legendary Hindu Kurukshetra war. That would make it over 28. None of the known ancient excavated civilizations of history . The old pre-Rigvedic Sanskrit-type manuscript was translated by the CIA with difficulty.

The "charged" water was also sent to various laboratories under heavy security and all reports and documents received from the labs were sent directly to the CIA director. The source. the unnamed source. some even past their middle-ages and many being above the age of sixty or sixty-five at least. Apparently the CIA had some system in place to monitor their subjects for whatever results they expected as an outcome of the experiment for the "Watering Team" was not required to hang around once the subject had consumed the water over three days. This water was earlier "charged" by CIA agents by simply placing the idol in a large copper vessel containing drinking water for nine days before the human subject was required to drink it. but top CIA officials evinced great interest in it. It was not known to the Watering Team whether the subjects to whom the water was to be fed were randomly chosen by the inner-circle officials. both black and white from various walks of life. but what was certain as the team met up with the target recipients of the water was that they were of all ages. Barring perhaps the inner-circle. John McCone. According to this unnamed source in Langley. Detail instructions were handed out as to how they were to go about the "watering". revealed recently that based on the text of the manuscript found along with the idol. The CIA required them to report such slips also. the source was asked to head a nine-member team consisting mostly of women whose sole task was to feed this water to unsuspecting citizens in the US. and the whole episode was swept under the carpet for some inexplicable reason. and the Kalpa Vigraha idol itself played the most important role in this bizarre research. a series of top-secret experiments were conducted by the CIA on unsuspecting human subjects in the United States and elsewhere in the world. The team often failed. nobody quite knew what this was all about.Circus Mustang-0183" was removed from the inventory at the CIA storehouse records. What results the "inner circle" officials expected to see by this innocuous experiment was not known to anybody at that time. The unnamed source also recalled that during this period a number of packages containing literature on homeopathy and ayurveda were received from various parts of the globe and often circulated in the department with markings and footnotes.some in their teens. Some of the human test subjects chosen were in far-flung states and in remote towns and cities of the United States. with some other members of the target recipient's family ending up drinking the water inadvertently. a retired CIA agent. This went on for a few months. They called themselves the "Watering Team". explained that one of the experiments was particularly intriguing. who was partially involved in the research. an "inner-circle" of the CIA dedicated most of their time in the early 1960s conducting experiments based on the ancient manuscript. Virginia. Many were African American women. What was also apparent to the team later was that all the subjects were born Americans. However. The "watering" had to be done without the subjects' knowledge by befriending them or by looking for innocuous opportunities to get them to consume a glass of water for three consecutive days in a row. "Ease-out of the acquaintance . It required a human subject to consume a tumbler of water each day for 3 days. A month later.

neither were the results ever known. Over time it was quite forgotten. "The Hindu idol." "Ken (name changed). Ken?" The Big Deal The voice at the other end of the phone had an astounding story to tell. "Don't you remember the experiments that put you in charge of the Watering Team assignment? I'm only calling you this morning because I knew for certain that you would be alive and well to hear this news. now long retired. "It was a period of discomfort and uneasiness for reasons we could not fathom.the names and addresses of the various recipients his team was required to befriend to feed the water. The agent who made the call was once a member of the "inner circle". The source recalls with amusement that during this time the agents in the CIA who were in-the-know about these experiments. you call me today. and treated as some of the many idiosyncrasies that the CIA indulged in during the cold war years. the one they called the Kalpa Vigraha?" the voice said. A recent long-distant telephone call from another state in the US on the morning of December 2008 changed all that. what if it's missing? What's the big deal here. as today he was more familiar with the popular "American Idol" music competition program he enjoyed watching on TV with his grand and great-grand children. except as a joke. including the members of their own "Watering Team" often doubted and double-checked their own drinking water.without raising any questions"." the source recalls. For the purpose of keeping a personal record. The inside story of CIA experiments involving the Kalpa Vigraha as revealed to Mac was . don't you remember. the assignment was abruptly called off. it took our long-retired CIA source some time to remember what "idol" was being referred to. Soon after the "watering" experiments were completed. The inner-circle members were deployed to more pressing assignments around the US and the world. The reason for the bizarre experiment was never revealed. my dear Mac (name changed). the source also made notes in his private diary . juice or soft-drinks. nevertheless many agents did it and the CIA was aware of it. thirty-two years after my retirement to tell me about an old forgettable idol that never made sense to any of us! So. As he listened. The source. Maintenance of any such record was forbidden by the agency. was unexpectedly informed one night by another retired agent of the CIA that the Kalpa Vigraha was "missing". they were told. often leaving the office to fetch drinking water for themselves or settling for coffee. In the subsequent years that the unnamed CIA official served in the agency not much was heard or spoken of this experiment. with great-grandchildren playing around him. a man who knew what the experiments conducted in the early 1960s was all about.

or dying in conflicts or war. accidental poisoning. It was irrelevant. Ken had brought with him a much longer list. Mac. CIA's kalpa vigraha cell's job was. Of course this does not include those who died unnatural deaths in roadaccidents or other mishaps. our source. Ken was only 38 years old then. they called it) over almost all testsubjects around the globe. perhaps crossing 110 and even reaching the age of 120.stuff that would rival even the fictional and immensely popular X-File TV serial. A week later Ken and Mac met to discuss the matter. That makes him about 100 years old when he made the telephone call to his former CIA colleague Mac (our source). It was deeply disturbing now despite the loyalty with which they had served the agency. the now-retired CIA agent who led the Watering Team in the United States chose to disclose his own list to us. Ken would not have him keep the names on the larger list of people world-wide. In some cases he replaced the word "negro" to "African American" as it is accepted today. aged 98 years on the morning of December. murder. The Reason? All persons subjected to the Kalpa Vigraha experiment were expected to live very long lives. the inner-circle CIA agent reminded Mac of the many subjects the CIA had targeted for consumption of the "charged" Kalpa Vigraha water back in 1960-61. Mac could recall many of the names and even crossed-checked in his own diary to confirm and refresh his memory of all the people he had surreptitiously befriended to feed the "charged" water. There was not much to monitor. he said. and still continues to be. 2008. showing corrections made over time to the names of female testsubjects who had married or remarried and stopped using their maiden names. and monitoring their lives in secrecy. Ken the CIA agent who made the telephone call to his former colleague on the morning of December 2008 and who was once a member of the inner-circle was a microbiologist with expertise in immunotherapy when he was initially recruited by the CIA in 1946 to analyze "Lebensborn" data confiscated from Nazi Germany after the downfall of Hitler. They went over the list in Mac's old diary. past the age of 100 at least. and for the first time in decades. really. But before he did that he removed the names of . Ken updated Mac with facts of the CIA's Kalpa Vigraha experiments that were not revealed to him earlier. to report back if a recipient of the charged water (wherever he or she was in the world) was alive. recalled the events of more than 45 years ago. Ken. of people whom his own Watering Team had subjected to the experiments in the United States. For the first time Mac learnt that there had been other "watering teams" operating in many parts of the world in the early 1960s. Both men shed tears following this disclosure. The CIA had been keeping a meticulous watch ("kalpa-tag". suicide. many of whom had been fed the water personally by Mac. Mac updated and corrected the names on his own list. Ken also revealed to him that he had learnt many years after he had retired that both he and Mac apart from a dozen other CIA staff had also been unsuspectingly subject to the Kalpa Vigraha experiment before being allotted their watering team assignment.

Martha Graham. We would not like to go into the details revealed to us and would rather allow police and the investigation agencies to arrive at their own conclusions with regard to the deaths. Johnson Parks. Susie Gibson. a serving agent of the CIA spilled the beans. Mary Christian. Mary Electa Nobel Bidwell. was not seen or heard of for many decades. the coincidences are equally hard to rule out if source No. Grace Thaxton. The Loss of the Kalpa Vigraha (The following information was sought and received by us from another source (No. Edna Parker. Margaret Skeete. Fred H. Willie Lee Morgan. However hard it will be to pin all these inexplicable deaths on the CIA. Irene Frank. Florence Knapp. Emma Verona Johnston. Clara Huhn. Maggie Barnes. Carrie Lazenby. Ruth Golonka. Elena Slough. Zora Wriggle. Elizabeth Bolden. The media and the internet were rife with conspiracy theories on the death of the rather alarming number of them. Minnie Ward. 2) still working in the CIA) The Kalpa Vigraha. Odie Mathews. Four names. Mary Randall. Ettie Mae Greene. Both Steven Martin and Bert Jenkins had died in Vietnam. Mary McKinney.2 is honest regarding the facts. Mary Parr. Mary Anna Boone. . Mathew Beard. Corinne Dixon Taylor.Fannie Thomas. What is astonishing is that all the persons whose names Mac gave us had lived to an age of above 110 before they died. Willie Lee Morgan was murdered. Wilhelmina Geringer Kott. the CIA store-room inventory item labeled "ST Circus Mustang0183". a spate of mysterious deaths of microbiologists followed. Emma Tillman. Moses Hardy. Steven Martin and Bert Jenkins were found to be of people who had died "accidentally". Bettie Chatmon. In a search conducted over many weeks.. Delina Filkins. but few laid suspicion on the CIA until our above-mentioned source No 2. some even reaching the age of 115 and above. that of Ruth Golonka. John Ingram McMorran. but that the idol and the manuscript had been "misplaced". Sr. The list of those who had died comprised of the following names. Agatha Mitchell.those test subjects he believed were still alive. spanning many states. Catherine Hagel. Sarah Knauss. The manuscript was found but the whereabouts of the Kalpa Vigraha is still a mystery. Hale. Lucy Hannah. the agency was able to trace the manuscript from the house of a microbiologist the CIA had many years ago hired for analysis of the "charged" kalpa vigraha water. Following the discovery of the manuscript. and enquiries made from many retired personnel. Arbella Ewing. died of a car accident. Bettie Wilson. Myrtle Dorsey. Maude Davis Farris-Luse. Gladys Swetland. Bertha Fry. Mae Harrington. An audit conducted in 1996 revealed that the heavy metal-lined chest was very much in the store. as he felt he would not be able to "face" any of them if they were to ever appear on TV against the CIA when the list was published by us.

com/Politics/Startling-CIA-findings-on-Longevity-HinduSpiriual/2892018 . in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. photographs of the Kalpa Vigraha. http://www.2 the Kalpa Vigraha has since been smuggled out of the United States to India. The latest information received at the CIA headquarters is that it lies in the possession of some software employees or IT professionals at Hyderabad. depicting the idol from four different directions were circulated around the world by the CIA with an enormous cash reward for its recovery. For the first time in 48 years.According to our CIA source no.groundreport.

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