A small Windows utility for DV (FireWire digital video) input/output. --------------------------------------------------------------------Author: Petr Mourek, Czech Republic E-mail:

Please feel free to send me any comments, questions and/or requests. If you use my program (successfully or not), give me some feedback, please. Main features (more information on the WinDV web-page): ------------------------------------------------------small & handy <100kB one-file WinDV.exe input / output capturing from DV device to AVI files (both type-1 and type-2) and recording vice versa no dropped frames - memory buffering automatic AVI splitting according to the timestamps on DV recordings every video sequence can be saved into unique file easy AVI joining record multiple files joined to the DV device just using wildcards preview of transmitted video in the window free - you can use it as you like at no cost -------------------------------Copyright (C) Petr Mourek 2002-2003

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