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Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 Basic DC Terminology Introduction The Electric Circuit Current Electromotive Force (EMF)... BotntilDiferenco (PD). Voltage (V).. Resistance Connecting Resistances in Series or Parallel in a DC Circuit Ohm's Law Loads .. Kirchhoif Laws «.. Electric Power (P).. Electrical Work . Electric Unit Prefixes ‘Typical Circuit Symbols CHAPTER 2 Electrical Components Introduction Electric Systems .. Electric Circuit Faults Busbars Protection Devices Reverse Current Circuit Breaker (ROCB). Switches... Electric Generator Alternator Electric Motor CHAPTER 3 Aircraft Batteries Introduction Lead Acid Battery . Alkaline Battery (Nickel-Cadmium) Battery Venting Electrolyte Spiliage Battery Capacity Battery Charging Thormal Runaway... Battery State of Charge... Battery Condition Cheok ... Emergency Use .. Connection of Batteries Spare Batteries Battery Compartment inspection Table of Contents CHAPTER 4 Introduction Magnetism Fundamental Laws of Magnetism ‘Characteristics of Lines of Magnetic Flux. Classification of Magnetic Materials Magnetic Fiux Flux Density Reluctance Permeability Hysteresis Saturation Magnetism Produced by Current Flow The Electromagnet ... - The Relay .. Electromagnetic CHAPTER 5 DC Generator Systems Introduction Generator Systems Basic Generator Theory ‘A Simple Generator Conversion of AC to DC .. DC Generator System Architecture DG Generator Construction Principle of Operation of a DC Generator .. ‘Types of DC Generator. Voltage Regulator Cut-Out .. Reverse Current Circuit Breaker Busbars Power Failure Warning Ground Power nnn DC Generator System Fauit Protection | ‘Twin-Engine DC Electrical System Operation of DC Generators in Paralol DC Load Sharing wr Operation of an Equaiising Circuit ‘Single-Engine Aircraft DC Electrical System . Operation of the Alternator .. vii Electrics Table of Contents CHAPTER 6 DC Motors. Introduction - ot Motors... so 6-1 ‘The Motor Principle. 64 DC Motors 62 Back EMF 63 Direction of Rotation 63 Types of DC Motor .. et Motor Speed Control 68 Actuators nnn 68 Split-Field Series Motor 69 Electromagnetic Brakes 6-10 Clutches 8-10 Instrument Motors .. 8-10 Architecture of a StarteriGenerator System soscnnn 6-11 Speratin of StertrtSenerator System mon 611 IvrOFS ‘Multiple Inverter Installations CHAPTER 7 Inductance and Capacitance Introduction Inductance Sef Induction Inductors, ‘Time Constant of an inductor. Inductors in Series and Parallel Capacitance nn: Factors Affecting Cepectance “Typos of Capacitor ‘The Charging of a Capacitor Discharging of a Capacitor ‘The Time Constant of a Capacitor » Capacitors in Series and Parallel in a DC Circuit CHAPTER & Basic AC Theory Introduction Alternating Current... ‘Advantages of AC Over OC Generating AC Simple AC Generator ‘AC Terminology Phasor Representation ... Electrics ix