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Pau Rul.

Ferragut Francesc de Borja Moll 20, 4A
Ciutat de Palma 07003,
Illes Balears, Spain
Free software developer and T +34 692 681 942
enthusiast B

Personal skills and traits

• Strong ethical sense of the free software world

• Good at team work

• Natural doing public speeches

• I want to travel and do not mind to reallocate

• Member of the Free Software Foundation

Computer skills
OS Ubuntu, Debian; user, administrator. Since I adopted free
software in 2004 I have been using mostly this two distribu-
Programming Python. Middle level

Programming C, C++, Java, Bash, Ruby, Qt4. Novice level

Writing LaTeX. Proficient level

Tools Git, Subversion. Advanced level, used intensely for years as

tools to coordinate assignments

Personal experience
software Translation of free software programs: Amarok, Batle for
translation Wesnoth, Xfce desktop Environment from English to Catalan
wikipedia Translation of some Wikipedia pages from English to Catalan

git Successfully used Git for a big project at university

speech Free software speaker in Spanish Internet Day 2007 and other
activities in local high schools

lug Member of Bulma, Balearic Islands’ Linux User Group. Pres-

ident of the association during 2006-07

act organizer Collaborated and helped during the organization of the sec-
ond Bulma’s Conference in Campos, Majorca

English Good Very good reading and writing, good spoken

Catalan Native

Spanish Native

German Elementary Studied at school. Could be rejoined if necessary

2005-2012 Computer Engineering, Universitat de les Illes Balears,
Spain, still studying, three years left.

Job experience
Summer 2007 System administrator assistant, TUI España Turismo,
Majorca, Spain.
System administrator. Worked on little Django development project

Summer 2005 System administrator assistant, Juan Francisco Lladó

Sabater, autonomous, Mallorca, Spain.
System administrator. User assistance, Kubuntu deployment on Windows environ-