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Sample Project Description

The sample application:

There are two ways to run the sample application:

1) Open file Sample03.mht in Internet Explore 6 or above
2) Import with FlexBuilder 3, and run the project

When you run the application, the UI is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

When you click the tree node, the node will expand:

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Sample Project Description

Figure 2

The Problem:

When user clicks the second node of the tree, the application is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: When user click MDA node

Users has to click/or drag scrollbar to see the chart they want to see:

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Sample Project Description

Figure 4

The Target:
Modify the sample application so that when user clicks the tree node, you can see the chart directly, without clicking or dragging the scrollbar.
For example, if user click MDA node, the application will look like this:

Figure 5

When user click MMDI node, the UI will look like this:

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Sample Project Description

Figure 6

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