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Adobe® Bridge® & Camera Raw Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

File Label Miscellaneous

New Window Ctrl+N No Rating Ctrl+0 Switch to Next Open Window Ctrl+Tab
New Folder Ctrl+Shift+N Assign * Rating Ctrl+1 Switch to Previous Open Window Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Open Ctrl+O Assign ** Rating Ctrl+2 Switch View -Thumbnails, Filmstrip, etc Ctrl+\
Open in Camera Raw…1 Ctrl+R Assign *** Rating Ctrl+3 Switch to Previous View Ctrl+Shift+\
Close Window Ctrl+W Assign **** Rating Ctrl+4 Show all Files Ctrl+Alt+F
Move to Recycle Bin (Image or Folder) Ctrl+Del or Delete Assign ***** Rating Ctrl+5 Show only files with No Rating Ctrl+0
Return to…2 Ctrl+Alt+O Decrease Rating Ctrl+, Show only files with 1 or more * Rating Ctrl+Alt+1
File Info… Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I Increase Rating Ctrl+. Show only files with 2 or more * Rating Ctrl+2
Versions Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V Assign Red label Ctrl+6 Show only files with 3 or more * Rating Ctrl+3
Exit Ctrl+Q Assign Yellow Label Ctrl+7 Show only files with 4 or more * Rating Ctrl+4
Assign Green Label Ctrl+8 Show only files with 5 * Rating Ctrl+5
Edit Assign Blue Label Ctrl+9 Decrease Rating Ctrl+, (comma)
Undo/Redo Ctrl+Z Increase Rating Ctrl+. (period)
Cut Ctrl+X Window Show only files with Red label Ctrl+6
Copy Ctrl+C Reset to Default Workspace Ctrl+F1 Show only files with Yellow Label Ctrl+7
Paste Ctrl+V Light Box View Ctrl+F2 Show only files with Green Label Ctrl+8
Duplicate Ctrl+D File Navigator View Ctrl+F3 Show only files with Blue Label Ctrl+9
Select All Ctrl+A Metadata Focus View Ctrl+F4 Select First Image Home
Select Labeled Ctrl+Alt+L Filmstrip Focus View Ctrl+F5 Select Last Image End
Select Unlabeled Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L Switch to User-Defined Workspaces Ctrl+F6 through F12 Add to Selection (Discontiguous) Ctrl+click image
Invert Selection Ctrl+Shift+I Minimise Ctrl+M Add to Selection (Contiguous) Shift+click last Image
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Open Raw Image - Bypass Camera Raw Shift+2-clicks Raw image
Find Ctrl+F Slideshow (View Menu) Open Image and Close Bridge Window Alt+2-clicks Selected Image
Copy Camera Raw Settings Ctrl+Alt+C Show/Hide Slide Show Keystrokes H Move Up One Image/Folder Up Arrow
Paste Camera Raw Settings Ctrl+Alt+V Exit Slide Show Esc Move Down One Image/Folder Down Arrow
Rotate 90o Clockwise Ctrl+] Loop On/Off L Move Left One Image Left Arrow
Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise Ctrl+[ Change Caption Mode C Move Right One Image Right Arrow
Color Settings… (Creative Suite Only) Ctrl+Shift+K Increase/decrease Slide Duration S/ Shift+S Reset Bridge Settings (open Bridge plus) Ctrl+Alt+Shift
Bridge Preferences Ctrl+K Pause/Play Spacebar
Window Mode On/Off W Keyboard Modifiers for opening Camera Raw images
Tools Change Display Mode D (a) Camera Raw opens in Photoshop 3 2-clicks or Alt+Enter
Batch Rename Ctrl+Shift+R Previous Page Left Arrow (b) As (a) above – Bridge closes 3 Alt+2-clicks or Alt+Enter
Synchronise (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+B Next page Right Arrow (c) Open image – bypass Camera Raw 3 Shift+2-clicks or Shift+Enter
Mark In Use (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+M Previous Document Ctrl+Left Arrow
Save a Version… (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+V Next Document Ctrl+Right Arrow (d) Camera Raw opens in Bridge 4 Ctrl+2-clicks or
Make Alternates (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+G Rotate 90o Clockwise ] (e) Camera Raw opens in Photoshop 4 Alt+Enter
Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise [ (f) As above (e) above - Bridge closes 4 Alt+2-clicks or Alt+Return
View Set Rating 1-5 (g) Open image – bypass Camera Raw 4 Ctrl or Alt +Shift+Return
Compact Mode Ctrl+Enter Set label 6-9
Slide Show Ctrl+L Decrease rating , (comma)
Show Thumbnails Only Ctrl+T Increase Rating . (period)
Refresh F5 Clear Rating 0
Toggle Rating ‘ (apostrophe)
2005 Ian Lyons
Adobe® Bridge® & Camera Raw Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)
Adobe Camera Raw Adobe Camera Raw Contd. Adobe Camera Raw – Multiple Images
Camera Raw Preferences Ctrl+K Straighten Tool A Move Up One Image Up Arrow
Reset Camera Raw Preferences Ctrl+Alt+Shift+2-clicks or Enter Crop Tool C Move Down One Image Down Arrow
Use Auto Adjustments On/Off Ctrl+U Hand Tool H Select All Ctrl+A
Undo/Redo Last Operation Ctrl+Z White Balance Tool I Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A
Multiple Undo Ctr+Alt+Z Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise L or Ctrl+[ Select Rated Images Alt+Select All
Multiple Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z Highlight Clipping On/Off O Bypass Synchronize Dialog Alt+Synchronize
Reset Image Settings Alt+Click Cancel Button Preview Adjustments On/Off P Select First Image Home
Open Ctrl+O Rotate 90o Clockwise R or Ctrl+] Select Last Image End
Open Copy 5 Ctrl+Alt+O Sample Tool S Add to Selection (Discontiguous) Ctrl+Click Image
Open Copy (alternative) Alt+Click Open Button Shadow Clipping On/Off U Add to Selection (Contiguous) Shift+Click Last Image
Save Ctrl+S Zoom Tool Z Delete Selected Image Ctrl+Del or Delete
Bypass Save dialog Ctrl+Alt+S Add Point to Curve Ctrl+Click in Preview Assign * Rating to Image Ctrl+1
Bypass Save dialog (alternative) Alt+Click Save Button Deselect Point in Curve D Assign ** Rating to Image Ctrl+2
Zoom Out Ctrl++ (plus sign) Select Next Point in Curve Crtl+Tab Assign *** Rating to Image Ctrl+3
Zoom In Ctrl+- (hyphen) Select Preview Point in Curve Ctrl+Shift+Tab Assign **** Rating to Image Ctrl+4
Zoom to Fit Ctrl+0 Hide Blue/Yellow Fringe (Lens tab) Alt+drag Red/Cyan Assign ***** Rating to Image Ctrl+5
Zoom Tool 100% Ctrl+Alt+0 Hide Red/Cyan Fringe (Lens tab) Alt+drag Blue/Yellow Decrease Rating by * Ctrl+, (comma)
Temporary Zoom In Tool Ctrl+Click in Preview Open Adjust Tab Ctrl+Alt+1 Increase Rating by * Ctrl+. (period)
Temporary Zoom Out Tool Alt+Click in Preview Open Detail Tab Ctrl+Alt+2 Assign Red label to Image Ctrl+6
Temporary Hand Tool Spacebar Open Lens Tab Ctrl+Alt+3 Assign Yellow Label to Image Ctrl+7
Temporary White Balance Tool Shift Open Curves Tab Ctrl+Alt+4 Assign Green Label to Image Ctrl+8
Display Clipped Highlights Alt+drag Exposure Open Calibration Tab Ctrl+Alt+5 Assign Blue Label to Image Ctrl+9
Display Clipped Shadows Alt+drag Shadow Assign Purple Label to Image Ctrl+0


1. Adobe Camera Raw opens in Bridge.

2. Returns focus to Application from which Bridge was originally launched (e.g. Photoshop).
3. Bridge Advanced Preference for “Double-click Edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge” is set to Off (default - unchecked).
4. Bridge Advanced Preference for “Double-click Edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge” set to On (checked).
5. “Open Copy” is only available when Camera Raw opens in Photoshop.

2005 Ian Lyons