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As communicated by Abraham

When you got to bed tonight…

1. set forth the intention to slumber into your alignment with source, which
you always do.

And then set forth the intention that when you awaken in the morning, that
you will just slide back into this physical body in an attitude of appreciation.

2. Before you sleep, go through a list of things that are very easy for you to
appreciate so you set the tone of the environment into which you will
reemerge into in the morning.

When you awaken in the morning…

1. lie in your bed and move over, and move through your mind this list of
things that you are appreciating.

2. And then go right from there to brushing your teeth and doing whatever
you need to do immediately,

3. and then go right to your chair of meditation and bring yourself again into
vibrational alignment with well-being. Only this time you’re not doing it
because you are asleep, you’re wide awake, and you are tuning yourself to
the vibration of who you are.

4. Then get up from your meditation chair and go right to the kitchen and
find something that is delicious and refreshing to eat. And as you are eating
it, sit with an attitude of appreciation.
5. And once you’ve finished eating your delicious meal, whatever it might
be, then sit with your paper and pen and make a list of things that you
appreciate. Just write the things that flow forth from you easily.

Note: Don’t make it a list of things you should appreciate, the things that
you do appreciate.

And if you will do that tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the
next day…. Before you know it, in 30 days, you will have set the tone of
seeing the world through the eyes of source in a way that you have never
done before. And then you will not be asking us what its like to be pure
positive energy, because you’ll know it viscerally. You’ll feel it in every fiber
of your being.