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APPLYING FOR EXAMINATION ? Sua DOCUMENTS REQUIRED 4. Val ienfcaion Card (school ID. GSIS'SSS ID. Driver’ izerse) 2. Transcript of Records with Spacal Order and date of et Aton Sheet (3) ‘graduation if appicablo to scheel program [erigral and fom PRC Custer Bowovverox copies) Serve Carer (O50) 3, Bith Coniicato - NSO Secunty Papar or NSO Cortiog 4) Passport size cotred ptre (white background) wih ‘completo namo tag (four copies) 5. Current Community Tax Cerleate (catula) Fup A ar sub AS 6. Marriage Contact - NSO ‘requ: cesar (foc mari female examinees ont) Noite roceesor ate (orginal and photo xerox copies) ‘slic Disb 7. Orner egeumants 25 reqaree by the Commission andlor the Professional Reguatory Boar's DOCUMENTS ISSUED Processor evaluates AS an ected ‘cuore a ses ae oe 3. AS Acton Sneet rurberaa PER for foe), CAP 2. PERRC - Permanert Examination and Regisration {and HOA (ropa processor Fecore Care sous oe 8. CAF- Computerized Appicaton Forrn umbares PERRO) NO. Note of Agmission 5. OR- Offs! Receip. 6. Progam of Examination ‘ 7. Examines's Guice “pgican sgn ont PERRC sauce ‘Corral Ferm Koss NOK and esis Sub and erty schecbulng + ree hen dung sssgnert ate PRC frst ay of seaminaon cate one cr ino days tefoe or conetone, ety ‘ammratr ering you" fines to than a Nice of Adriesion ‘he Rasorde Secon (ooop wee) Issuing Ofer roves ‘ptcalon forthe evalueton and eiuee ROA Resear Sub, Presean af Crema, Pay examreten ee a ardExarinees Gade + ‘Subeet CaF TNOA, OR, Accomplish CAF, doaavents ERR and NOA ‘reitng estoy. Teevanee Courter Pay for trad ‘eounereary stamps The BRC CSC andy tindow envaopo wi Note: metered mating sams or professional teachers, lease proceodis the 3 for of ave Bulag For martime professional, pass procsed oe th oor ot ie Arnox Baling