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Name Last Name] Massachusetts House of Representatives/Massachusetts Senate State House, Room [___] Boston, MA 02133 Dear Representative/Senator [___________________], My name is [_____________], and I am your constituent from the [_______] area. I am a [Certified Professional Midwife/Consumer of Midwifery/Supporter of Midwifery Services]. [I am also a member of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance/Massachusetts Friends of Midwives.] I am writing to you today to ask you to support and help advance an important bill: HB 2008 (sponsor: Rep. Kay Khan) and SB 1081 (sponsor: Sen. Richard Moore), An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives. Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) provide out-of-hospital maternity care to an increasing number of women and their families across the state, however there is NO STATE OVERSIGHT in Massachusetts. This bill would ensure accountability and a consistent standard of practice for all Midwives in Massachusetts. [Personalize by inserting a line or two explaining your connection to the issue and why you think this bill important_____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________] The bill has almost 25% of Massachusetts legislators signed on as cosponsors. The bill also has the support of organizations including the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance, Massachusetts Friends of Midwives, National Organization of Women, Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts, Amnesty International, Mass. League of Women Voters, Our Bodies Ourselves, as well as the support of several professionals in the academic and health care community. The bill is yet to be heard by the Public Health Committee this Session. This bill successfully advanced through both the Joint Committees on Public Health and Health Care Financing in the previous 2011-2012 Session, and has even passed the Senate twice before. We urge you to help make 2013 the year that this bill gets signed into law. Thank you for your efforts to make midwifery a safe choice for women and their families in Massachusetts. Sincerely, Name, Affiliation

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