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French Vocabulary ------------Parts of The Body: -------Face and Neck ---la tte - the head le visage - the face

les cheveux - the hair le front - the forehead les yeux - the eyes un oeil - the eye le nez - the nose les joues (f) - the cheeks les oreilles - the ears les lvres (f) - the lips la bouche - the mouth les dents (f) - the teeth la langue - the tongue le menton - the chin le cou - the neck

la nuque - the nape, back of the neck la gorge - the throat The Upper Body: ------le dos - the back les paules (f) - the shoulders la poitrine - the chest les seins (m) - the breasts les bras - the arms les coudes (m) - the elbows le ventre - the belly les mains (f) - the hands les doigts (m) - the fingers les ongles (m) - the fingernails le pouce - the thumb le poignet - the wrist la hanche - the hip l'abdomen - the abdomen

The Legs and Lower Body: -----les fesses (f) - the backside, buttocks les jambes (f) - the legs les cuisses (f) - the thighs les genoux (m) - the knees les chevilles (f) - the ankles les talons (m) - the heels les pieds (m) - the feet les orteils (m) - the toes

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Over the top Hold your horses Smells fishy Knock on wood A piece of cake

-----------------------------------------Answers: a. Excessive, way too much b. Hold on or wait, be patient, dont do anything rash c. Something that doesnt sound right or add up d. Tapping on wood with the knuckles to avoid bad luck

e. Something easy to accomplish