Answer Key After the rain, Kim noticed tiny paw marks leading across the garden to the

foot of a jackfruit tree. She asked Aunt Polly (1) ____who______ confirmed that a family of squirrels lived in her garden. She said that the squirrels had got (2) ______used___________ to human beings. She did not (3) ______chase___________ them away as they (4) __were / appeared__ timid and harmless. A few days later, Kim caught her first glimpse (5) _______of__________ the furry little (6) __animals / creatures / squirrels / mammals__. She was (7) ____reading______ a book in the garden when they suddenly (8) ___came / appeared_(note that “appeared” be used only once)_. There were five of them. Three of them were half the size of the other two. “The baby squirrels with (9) _____their____________ parents!” Kim smiled. Sensing her presence, the squirrels scuttled away. ___by_____ their reddish fur and bushy tails. Kim was fascinated (10)

Jane stood near the display shelf fingering the branded handbag for a long time. It was the one that she longed to (1) have, own (buy-wrong since she could not afford to buy it). She could not (2) afford to buy it and was very tempted to quietly put it into her big shopping bag. She knew that it was (3) wrong for her to steal. She thought about carrying it to May’s birthday (4) party the next Sunday. She wanted to show (5) off

the bag to her friends. Her friends would be green (6) with envy. It would make her the (7) most “hip” person. This is what we call peer (8) pressure. Suddenly Jane (9) heard a voice behind her. “Can I help you, Miss?” Jane smiled, shook her head and walked (10) away /off . She was glad that she had not done anything foolish.

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