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The Book Im Writing

The Book Im Writing

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Published by Lill Fragill Castle
about me,a crazy freak
about me,a crazy freak

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Published by: Lill Fragill Castle on Oct 05, 2013
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They say when you hear the birds calling your name you'll never be the same. This is the story which documents the change,or chains; haven't decided just yet. When I was a small boy the idea came to me that I wanted to catch a bird and so I did,with my bare hands no less. It only took two weeks from the time of my idea to the unbridled excitement of showing off my success to my dad. He was blind but I considered him a competent witness. I assumed he could tell if I was being truthful,later it would occur to me he could not,nevertheless I caught the little guy and let him go. Tried to catch him again but no luck,he flew off ,but sometimes he calls me by name,sometimes he lets the wind do it and other times its the television. Maybe I should have left him alone. It's never next week or yesterday,in a minute or tomorrow..its always right now and when I hear my name flutter through the air,it gets my attention immediately. I don't give it out much,not the one on my birth certificate anyway. I need to know which world is calling me so I use a living name. Hi,I'm While I Am and when you get right down to it,aren't we all?The police and the banks and the electric company call me William,my friends call me crazy. I prefer Fre a king myself but you cant always control what other people think. Sometimes what I think controls me,if indeed it is my think. Not to bore you with unimportant details of an also ran,but rather to build upon itself the luscentness of the psychotic experience a little foundation must be laid. After World War II we all know that America experienced a time unprecedented in the history of the world up until that point and what I refer to is a time of material progress never before seen. We also know that soon after the war came the great Baby Boom and my parents are among those whom we refer to as baby-boomers. They grew up and gave the world generation x of which I am one. I come from a solid American family,war veterans,lawyers doctors,nurses and published authors,a geneology second to none,important because this author could have done whatever he set his mind to not just what he set his mind not to do. So my mom,a great lady,worked herself through nursing school,retired from the Veterans Administration after more than twenty-five years. Was very direct in all her ways;someone deserving respect in this world of shifty-eyed,spineless and gumption free examples of the human race. Mother came of age in the late sixties and was highly influenced by the great subversion of morality known as the hippie movement,the beginning of the end of the Puritanical America were all glad to see go,but somehow rises with an unexplainable bloodthirst in Middle Eastern countries,generally the ones lacking a central bank. Seems having your very own Federal Reserve makes the worlds last superpower leave you alone,unless you live here. I was born to two teenage parents,one a jock the other a wild child,in a Tennessee hospital with a dislocated hip. The doctors prediction of living life in a wheelchair never materialized.

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