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Children’s Television


Secret Spies.
-“The Secret Spies” is based on three young teenagers who act as spies at the high
school they go to.

- All three spies are girls, one Asian, one Black and one, White. There of different
ethnicities as schools is a multicultural place, so the audience can relate to it this way.

- There're students in year 9.

-Their close friends as spies but act as individuals when their not spies, to show their

-Their agent is unknown to them and the audience, so the focus is mainly on them
and what they do as spies.

-There’re like any other normal student when their at school, but when there’ re spies
their not.

-While their at school, their secretly called to solve problems which always gets
resolved at the end.

-No one suspects them as spies.

-Their school life and spy life are both shown which creates a lot of drama.
This programme is aimed at a young audience ages, 8-12. Deals with school issues;
Friendships and.

The programme will also deal with issues such as; high school drama, and
spies, interests of the audience are school life and an interest In adventurous

The three spies are of different ethnicities; Asian, Black and White, so it’s aimed at
a multicultural audience.

Gender wise, it’s aimed mainly at a female audience, as the spies are female

Different issues dealt with such as friendships, and fashion will attract the female
audience more, where as the fighting will attract the male audience.

The programme deals with high school issues such as friendships, exams,
friendship breakouts which both the female and male audience can relate to.
DVD Cover and Magazine
The DVD cover and magazine will show graphics representing spies and school,
to show, “both worlds”.

“The secret spies” will be broadcasted on BBC 1 where most CBBC, children's
programmes are shown .

A suitable time is, 5:00 till, 5:30 and will be shown once a week every Monday.
A similar children's programme this could relate to is M.I High which deals with very
similar issues and is broadcasted on the CBBC channel.

- Works with the stereotype that school is a chaotic place full of drama....
- It will challenge stereotypes of character representation as a female will play the
leading role as a spy which makes a change from the male taking lead.