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Bridge Repair Design Brief

Student Purpose for Project

Design a solution to a simulated bridge repair problem.
• Follow and document the Engineering Design Process (EDP) in an Engineering Notebook (ENb)
• Calculate cost analysis
• Design a solution that is as economically efficient as possible
Problem Statement
Bridges are build all the time. They vary in style, size, and use. One thing all bridges have in common is they age and need
maintenance and repairs.

You will be taking the responsibilities of an engineer and repair a bridge economically.
• Work in pairs.
• Everyone must use an official Bridge Simulator Block
• One set of Balsa Testing Beams will be supplied. If original set is broken during construction the bridge will count as
• Only the listed repair supplies can be used to make the repairs.
Project Requirements
• Each student must submit an ENb.
• Cost analysis of a Bill of Materials (BoM) must be submitted as part of your ENb.
Instructor Supplied Tools, Materials, and Equipment
Per student
• EDP packet
Per group
• 1-2x4x10” Bridge Simulator Block (see support document for diagram UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
• 2-?x1/8x1/8 Balsa Testing Beams (balsa sticks)
• Repair supply set (which may include)
5 Craft sticks $100
1 Plastic fork or spoon 120
1 stick Hot glue 50*
5 Rubber bands 10
5 Paper clips 30
2’ Masking tape 100*
5 sheets 8-1/2x11 sheets of paper 25
* cost is for the entire stock of this item so partial usage will needs to be calculated on an estimation of what was used.
Example one foot of masking tape would cost $50.
Per class
• 1-testing apparatus (see support document UNDER CONSTRUCTION) or commercial tester
o 1-5gal bucket
o 50lbs-nails or alternative weights
o 1-chain or rope
o 1-testing block
o 2-testing supports
Student Supplied Materials
Raw ENb if not using the ENb packet
Procedure Timeline, Approximate
Transportation Unit pre-activities (optional)
Day 1: activity introduction
Day 2: EDP steps 1-4
Day 3: EDP step 5, lab day
Day 4: EDP steps 6-8
• Turn in paperwork
• Cleanup bridge and hand in
• Throw away any used supplies
Submit the Following
• EDP documented in an ENb documented in an ENb packet or notebook with the addition of a BOM and cost analysis.
See supporting documentation (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
• Repaired model bridge that will be tested. See testing diagram (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Most cost efficient bridge wins. This will be a price per pound ratio based on the following formula:


Additional grading maybe based on other criteria made clear before the project begins using rubrics. This would be up to the
instructor and what standards they are focusing on.

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