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Newark TAH Day 1

Morning Historian Discussions by Professor James Oakes:

1. Understanding the Relationship between Lincoln and Douglass

2. The Evolving Understanding of Slavery, Emancipation, and the War

Afternoon Education Workshops with Kelly Woestman:

Introduction to Abraham Lincoln: People, Places, Politics: History in a Box

1. Box Contents:
a. Resource Book (plus CD-ROM with photos and documents)
i. Turn to page xii
b. Classroom Posters (including Timeline)
c. Durable Placards
d. Historians on the Record DVD (videotaped lectures)
e. Interactive CD-ROM
i. Letters
2. Connections to Morning Discussions
a. Resource Book Overview
i. Review Contents (p. vi)
ii.Goals for Student Learning (p. xiii)
iii.Introduction (p. xiv)
b. Resource Book p. 91 – LINCOLN and RACE
i. Historical Context for Primary Sources
c. Resource Book p. 151 – Abraham Lincoln’s LIVING LEGACY
i. Historical Context for Primary Sources
3. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass Investigation
a. Review Professor Oakes Discussion to complete chart
b. Gather materials from History in a Box to support chart
c. How would you translate these materials into your classrooms?
4. Compare Timeline Poster to Timelines in Resource Book
a. Resource Book p. 92
b. Resource Book pp. 152-153
c. Which are most useful for you and your students? How would you
use them?
d. Timeline Activity (use pp. 152-153)
e. Discuss connections between timelines and changeover time (going
beyond the dates)

Teaching with History in a Box: Lincoln

Connecting to Newark US History I and II Essential Questions