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Lesson Plan Template

School: Mulbarton Infant
Address: The Common,
Mulbarton, Norwich NR14 6JZ
Teacher: Stuart Beard/Rebecca Adams
Curriculum Area / Area of Learning: Singing/creativity
Year: Two

The lesson objective: to develop children’s singing ability, enjoyment in music

4x JPEG Images of visualiser being used in lesson:

1 2

3 4

How the visualiser was used?

The visualiser was used to project the notes and words of songs onto the screen in the
hall for singing lessons for the school choir. The children were able to follow the words
and the teacher’s finger followed under to help them keep their place. This increased
pupil’s engagement and the children then performed in a singing assembly to the rest of
the school.

The benefits of the Visualiser to teaching & learning:

• Teacher was able to introduce musical notation as well as words of the songs
• Teacher was able to indicate exactly where music was, and easily point out any
complicated parts of chorus etc
• Teacher’s time saved not having to type words into a document, could use published
materials straight away
• Children performed their songs to their parents and the rest of the school in a special
assembly, where the imager was used again
• Engagement of children was increased
• Profile of the choir was raised in the school community