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21. Oprah Winfrey is a not only a famous talk show host, but is also __________ to be the highest paid entertainer in the world today. (A) allowed (B) told (C) taken (D) supposed 22. She is __________ employed as a senior manager in our company, however only five years ago she was just a rookie office clerk with no idea of how to run a company. (A) presently (B) right (C) presentment (D) a times 23. She was __________ able to keep herself alive in the freezing water until a rescue team finally found her last right hanging onto a piece of driftwood. (A) almost (B) finally (C) at all (D) barely 24. Staff __________ in the building after 10 years are likely to be eligible for the best offices when we move into our new premises next year. (A) enduring (B) remaining (C) detaining (D) setting 25. If you wish to see this famous acupuncturist, you will be placed __________ a waiting list as this kind of treatment is very much in demand these days. (A) in (B) to (C) at (D) on

(A) influence (B) detect (C) intimidate (D) direct 27. His outstanding successes as a CEO include __________ and promoting a discussion forum which meets every week to talk about issues affecting all the employees of this company. (A) achieving (B) achieved (C) achieve (D) achievement 28. The diving team will be armed with all __________ equipment so that they can do their best when looking for ancient artifacts on this shipwreck. (A) dissecting (B) connecting (C) directing (D) existing 29. After returning __________ London, the prime minister will give a brief address to parliament outlining his plan to finally bring about cooperation between the European powers. (A) to (B) into (C) in (D) at 30. Many passengers complain that many of the airport staff are very neglectful and unprofessional, and for this reason there are a lot of reports of __________ luggage. (A) damaged (B) rejected( C) disabled (D) impaired 31. There were rumours in the press that his __________ promotion was a bad sign for the company as he does not have the right credentials to assume the position of president. (A) modern (B) lately (C) late

26. Local market conditions strongly __________ pricing, but another important cause of economic uncertainty can be found in the general competitiveness of the product in the international arena.

(D) recent 32. It is true to say that he is a very demanding personality as he relies __________ on other people for support and understanding. (A) overly


however it has some comfort features which are unmatched by anything else on the road today. Managers have recently expressed their concerns about the continuing misuse of computer __________ by employees who like to flood the internet with spam mail and chain letters. so let's stay at home tonight and rent a video.Assigned by Ms. The people __________ our text division are some of the best qualified employees in our company as their skills are essential in being able to market our product successfully. This new model of our luxury sedan is __________ as reliable as its predecessors. he ha brought unparalleled economic prosperity to the country. (A) has been electing (B) was being elected (C) was electing (D) was elected 40. This national park is considered to be the most __________ recreation area in the country as it is visited by over ten million domestic and international tourists every year. (A) soon (B) by now (C) still (D) already 37. (A) more (B) greater (C) just 33. (A) facilities (B) facilitates (C) faction (D) manufacturer 34. (A) shows (B) dictates (C) points to (D) results (C) populated (D) opulent 39. Since President Clinton __________. It is hoped that our country will become more __________ in the global marketplace once a strong economic foundation has been laid and exports increase. and is therefore very much in the public's favor. Giang (B) heavily (C) perfectly (D) begrudgingly nguyenthigiang0812@gmail. (A) destructive (B) competition (C) competitive (D) connective 38. Reinhart's study __________ that people who spend a lot of time on studying are more likely to be millionaires later in life. (A) popular (B) populous (D) same 2 . (A) out (B) on (C) in (D) at 36. Ms. By the time we get to the movie theater the show will __________ have finished.

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