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Practical Introduction to Power System Protection & Control

Practical Introduction to Power System Protection & Control


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When a power transformer is re-energized after along time of de-

energizing and when the primary side circuit breaker is switched on,

Inrush current will be only in the primary side of power transformer. This


current may lead to relay operation and circuit breaker tripping .In fact,

the inrush current is a current with a frequency equal to twice the normal

frequency (second harmonic). This current is separated from the

fundamental current and used to resist the operation of the differential

relay. figure (42) shows a second harmonic blocking diagram .

Figure 42 : Tripping and Blocking Characteristics due to

Second Harmonics

IN= Rated current of power transformer.

IFN=Rated frequency current.

I100=Second harmonic current.


Restricted Earth Fault

Restricted earth fault relay is that relay which can be defined as

half differential relay. Figure (43) Shows a connection diagram for the

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