available to GDS employees

CDA & CCA) LEAVE • 20 days paid leave per year • Maternity leave for 3 months for female GDS . CMA. FSC.Pay and allowances • • • • Time related continuity allowance ( TRCA) increment DA Other allowance ( Office allowance.

Other benefits • Service discharge benefit scheme (SDBS)  Ex-Gratia Gratuity – Rs.60.000/ Severance amount.000/• Productivity linked bonus • Group insurance scheme .Rs.60.

death gratuity or any other payment due in respect of the deceased official.7. . his family will be eligible for immediate monetary relief equal to two month’s Basic pay of the deceased Government servant subject to a maximum of Rs.Immediate relief to the family of an employee who dies while in service • If an GDS employee dies while in service. • The advance should be adjusted within six months against the arrears of pay and allowances.000/- • No formal application from the bereaved family is necessary.

Group Insurance Scheme • Twin benefits.50.000/- .50/Insurance cover is Rs.Insurance coverage and Savings 30% -.Insurance Fund 70% Savings Fund • Rate of subscription & Amount of Insurance cover are determined for GDS is Rate of subscription is Rs.

Promotions • To MSE/ MTS based on seniority cum fitness • Through competitive departmental examination for • MTS/ Postman/ PAs .

2.50/1000 or 10 % of the annual premium collected • 1% on RPLI premium colection .Incentive/ Commission • 1% commission on new TD accounts • SB annual incentive @ 2% • RPLI policy procurement @ Rs.

Commission may be claimed for each financial year • Rate of commission is 2% on net deposit • Procedure to calculate net deposit is shown in next slide .Incentive/Commission for GDS • For the deposits made under SB/TD schemes BPMs can earn Commission/Incentive • For SB.

O.Calculation of net deposit • Deposits made from April to February should be taken • Deposits made in March not to be counted • Withdrawals made from 1st April to 31st March should be taken into account • Withdrawals made from A. should be taken in to account .

Calculation of net deposit • Deposits made at A.O. should not be taken into account • Amount of interest should not be treated as deposit • 2% of the net deposit arrived as said above may be claimed as commission • Claim should be preferred in the month of April every year .

O. will verify and sanction the bill • Commission amount can be charged at BO with separate head in BODA as “Payment of Commission to BPM”.O.Payment of SB Commission • The Commission bill may be forwarded to A. • A. .

Rate of Commission .TD Sl 01 02 03 Type of A/c 1 year TD 2 & 3 years TD 5 years TD Rate of Commission ½% 1% 2% .

for the accounts opened during the month on 1st of next month • Accounts opened through agents are not eligible to claim commission • No commission for TD re-deposits • Forward commission bill to A.Procedure to claim TD commission • Claim may be preferred once in a month • Bill should be submitted to A.O. duly invoiced in BODA .O.

O. . • The charged bill should be sent back to A.Payment of TD Commission • A.O. will verify and sanction the bill • Commission amount can be charged at BO with separate head in BODA as “Payment of Commission to BPM”.

Payment of TD Commission • Need not wait up to the end of financial year to claim commission on TD deposits .

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